The discomfort and tension were palpable in the night of Saturday, November 3 to Sunday, November 4 on the plateau of We are not lying. Invited in the show with his director Salomé Lelouch to discuss the play Justice in which he plays, Océan probably did not expect to talk about anything else let alone Christine Angot to ask him about comments Two years ago. Indeed, while the exchange had been so far very courteous between the columnist and the comedian, the tone quickly changed when the writer decided to return to a platform called Who's afraid of Houria Bouteldja? ?, published in Libération in 2016 and signed by the actor who was then called Océane-Rose-Marie. In the text, the comedian defended Houria Bouteldja, the spokesperson for the Party of Indigenous People of the Republic, at the time of the publication of her book, The Whites, the Jews and Us. "I quote just one sentence in this tribune, you said: 'She (Houria Bouteldja) questions the extermination of the Jews of Europe and its instrumentalisation by the Zionist project from the colonized world.' Can you explain to me, "then tance Christine Angot.⋙" I exist without my ex! ", Ségolène Royal is annoyed that we still define it in relation to François Hollande (VIDEO)" We will really talk about Israel there? " asks visibly very surprised Océan. Then follows a sequence in which the discomfort is palpable. Accused and doubtless stunned by this attack, the actor does not know how to answer while Franz-Olivier Giesbert gets tangled and asks him to apologize for these words: "This sentence is indefensible.You can turn it in all directions, she is disgusting, you can excuse me, that's what I would do for you … "Océan then tries to explain:" I think that indeed this sentence is clumsy. (…) I m "interested in the fact that she moved the point of view and that she spoke from a point of view of descendant, native." But for Christine Angot, there is no point of view to defend in this case. The actor then insists and says he was more interested in "how the Israeli state has subjected the Palestinians to violence", far from him the idea of ​​calling into question the Holocaust. "Why is it nonsense to say that there are people who have recovered, who have seized this tragedy, to produce violence?", Asked Ocean after Franz-Olivier Giesbert qualified his offers of "crap". But for lack of time and seeing that the dialogue was impossible, Océan decided to end this debate: "I think I'm very far from having wanted to say what you want me to wear, so I apologize if. .., "he concluded." I do not understand people who do not like Johnny Hallyday, "Franz-Olivier Giesbert's tribute to the rocker (VIDEO)


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