" It's not normal. The SNCF is almost 100 years old, how is it that it is not able to predict the attendance of its trains! Daniel, 51, was one of the users who could not get on TER 11 844, connecting Mulhouse to Paris on Sunday afternoon. The train, which was stopping in Vesoul at 1:50 pm spent several tens of minutes at the dock without being able to leave. At issue: a completely crowded train, which was "already almost complete" from Lure, the previous stage, and which in Vesoul, could not absorb a new crowd of travelers. "The doors are closed, but the train has never started," says Selma, a 19-year-old student who was due to return to Lille after a holiday in Belfort. "Then the agents told us that the train could never leave, that people had to go down. "

Selma preferred to go down. With other users, she spent part of the afternoon in the waiting room in Vesoul until 4:20 pm, when the next train will pass to the capital. "I do not understand that we let people buy their tickets if there was no more room," says Valerie, 38. "They could have adapted the capacity of the train", abounds Noémie, 20 years old.

"We had anticipated the high influx of this weekend," says yet an officer of the regional management Bourgogne Franche-Comté SNCF Mobilités. "All the rolling stock has been engaged in the transport plan. But indeed, it was not enough to meet the demand, which is why we used a bus at 4 pm in Vesoul station, which made exactly the same stops as the train to Paris. As for the issue of tickets sold, the SNCF points to the particular case of TERs, for which there are no reservations: "The notion of a complete train only concerns trains with compulsory TGV type reservations. The agent asserts that, in the case of destination Mulhouse-Paris, TER 11 844 had not exceeded the alert threshold, set at more than 200 tickets, with 183 tickets sold. "But we probably had subscribers who were grafted to a much stronger occasional clientele. Still, in the stations, our staff was mobilized all day, to guide users to the following trains. According to the SNCF, six other trains still ensured the destination Mulhouse-Paris, including three via Vesoul, that afternoon.

It was a very special weekend, which combined the end of school holidays and end of the bridge of All Saints.

An SNCF Mobilités agent

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