Test: Cupra Born – 58 kWh

Perhaps not so surprisingly, the Spaniards took design much more seriously, not just outside, but inside as well. It’s good to look at the upholstery, the shapes, and the fact that the matte bronze color seen outside has infiltrated the cabin as well, in the form of various inserts, the steering wheel trim and the seams of the comfortable, massage-functional seats are also bronze. The door trim also looks classy, ​​but it turns out that it is only a plastic with a refined pattern, but you don’t have to grimace where you touch it, there is a soft, quality material.

Sports seats are comfortable, but they don’t have much support

There’s a small, digital dashboard beyond the steering wheel, though it doesn’t have to be much bigger, the data you need can fit on it too. There is also a reversing switch and an electric parking brake button in the upper right corner of the instrument panel. This is a pretty good draw, so they don’t take up space in the center console, where you can eliminate it in a sizeable shutter cavity.

For today At the first meeting in 2019 we felt there would be trouble with the steering wheel buttons during use. The VW Group has a good sense of grasping terribly annoying things, just remember the dazzling blue backlit dashboard that painfully slowly wore out of the brand’s cars. By the time this was moved, the 8-axis Golf Course some half-hearted interior designer rearranged the lighting and window defogging switches and sprinkled stroking surfaces on the center console, but even the steering wheel, instead of real buttons.

Better than the original: Cupra Born Test 85

In ergonomics books, you can only see this by crossing it over several times with a thick red line

Unfortunately, all of these were won by the Cupra Born as well, and they didn’t swim the stupidity of the world champion who debuted in ID.3, the exterior mirror, rear window control, door lock complex, fooling us with nothing but a touch-sensitive surface. A cruel stomach brought in for ergonomics. The image of the on-board system’s 12-inch monitor is beautiful, but the system itself falls short of what is expected today in terms of usability, speed and thoughtfulness.

The passenger compartment is spacious, the seating position is cool at the front and even comfortable in the back row, although the legs have to keep the legs a bit high when traveling and it is not the most comfortable to climb back on the doors that do not open too wide. Its luggage compartment, which is only in the back for an electric car, is 385 liters, double-bottomed, the charging cables can be hidden in the basement, so they don’t clutter up the luggage on the upper level.

Better than the original: Cupra Born Test 86There’s enough light in the cargo area’s well-placed LED lighting, plastic tabs to hang the bags from, and there’s somewhere to plug in the power cord for a cooler bag or other 12-volt travel stuff. After laying the 2: 1 reclining backrests, larger objects can be pushed into a nearly flat surface in a space of 1267 liters, but by opening the small window in the armchair, long objects can fit next to four passengers.