Test: Sony Xperia XZ2, the most powerful Android smartphone of the moment is it also the best?


It was one of the revolutions announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last March: the brand has abandoned its legendary design OmniBalance declined on its smartphones since 2013. Some will regret it, others will be relieved to see Sony finally move to something else.

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                                                     – Whatever the case may be, the change is radical, the angles have completely disappeared, essentially giving way to curves and curves. The back is no longer flat, but curved glass (hello fingerprints) to better hold in hand, even if, in our opinion, the device is penalized by its weight and its thickness (198 g for 11 mm) . This back now hosts the fingerprint sensor, previously located on the right edge of Xperia smartphones.

This sensor is effective, but is clearly not as fast as those used by competitors. A good second elapses between the moment you place your finger on it and the actual unlocking of the device. On the other hand, he certainly recognizes our fingerprints.

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                                                     – Design penalizes ergonomics

The layout of the sensor, almost in the middle of the back, is the main ergonomic error that can be blamed on this Sony mobile. We tend to put his finger on the camera lens, which is not without causing some problems concerning the sharpness of the shots. This reminds us especially one of the main defects of the Galaxy S8. Its sensor was placed right next to the lens and the result was the same.

At the front, Sony finally plays the map of the 18: 9 screen, but can not significantly reduce the edges compared to other brands. They are actually thinner than on previous Xperia, but still far from what Apple, Samsung or Huawei managed to do on their latest devices.

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                                                     – No OLED slab

Strange choice for this slab of 5.7 inches is still an LCD model that is used here when most of the high-end models of the market are switched to OLED. Nevertheless, Sony knows how to do in terms of display quality, with excellent results, a high brightness of 652 cd / m² and an irreproachable contrast ratio of 1,482: 1. In other words, it is difficult to distinguish at first glance that the screen is “only” LCD.

Question performance, the Xperia XZ2 does not have to blush his excellent SoC Snapdragon 845 signed Qualcomm, quite the opposite. The chip had already proven itself on the American Galaxy S9 and shows here that it is the most powerful Android market . It delivers enough power to quickly juggle multiple applications multitasking, to provide smooth navigation at any time or to play the most demanding 3D games on the market.

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                                                     – A smartphone that vibrates at the same time as the sound

This power, Sony also wants to use it for new features unpublished on smartphones, even other brands. This Xperia XZ2 is the first in the market to capture videos in 4K HDR format. What produce content to watch then on his TV Sony 4K HDR for example. However, we have noticed that the result is somewhat jerky compared to a classic 4K video. The smartphone also tends to heat, to the point that Sony does not fail to warn the user.

Another innovation: dynamic vibration coordinated with videos. A module equivalent to the Taptic Engine used by Apple since iPhone 7 is included in the XZ2. When watching a video, for example on YouTube, the phone emits vibrations that emphasize the soundtrack. An explosion sounds during the movie? The phone will vibrate at the same time to intensify the impression. Three intensity levels are available and it is obviously possible to disable the function. It is certainly this last choice that we will end up activating so much the system seemed to us to be a gadget more than anything else.

                                                     – Dynamic vibration adjustment. The battery of 3180 mAh remains, meanwhile, very well exploited: the Xperia XZ2 delivers a versatile autonomy quite convenient 12 h 19. It is located above a Samsung Galaxy S9 (11h18) but below one Huawei P20 (12:44). And if the Sony smartphone does not shine in video playback (less than 9 hours on the clock), it displays excellent endurance on call 24:49.

Progress in photography

Remains the thorny point of photography, an area where Sony smartphones have often been in default, despite the undisputed expertise of the brand in the manufacture of sensors or camera design. The good news is that the quality of the camera module is still improving slightly compared to XZ-1 .

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                                                     – JSZ / 01net.com
                                                     – Overall, however, we remain significantly below the tenors of the genre, whether it is the Galaxy S9 or the HTC U11 + . The colors are not always very bright, while the details are sometimes a little too smooth. The quality in low light undergoes the same fate. Sony has made progress, but is still not at the level of the best.

The verdict of the test
Sony Xperia XZ2
It’s finally a funny impression that leaves this Xperia XZ2. The design change is welcome, if only because we were getting tired of the old one. Unfortunately, the new is not accompanied by an incredible ergonomics, the improper placement of the fingerprint sensor is proof. We welcome the improvement of photo quality, which is not yet up to the best smartphones on the market and the beautiful screen of this smartphone. But in fact, as often on the high-end models of Sony, it is the power, the general speed of the device and its good endurance that convince the most. And from this point of view, the XZ2 undoubtedly counts among the champions.


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