TGPRO joins hands with “Cannagen” to expand the stainless steel pipe business into hemp | RYT9

Mr. Rachot Leelaprachakul Managing Director Thai-German Products Public Company Limited (TGPRO) revealed that World Class Smart Farm Co., Ltd., a subsidiary that operates in the production and distribution of nurseries, is an extension of the stainless steel pipe business. Build a greenhouse with durable quality materials. Including planting and selling agricultural products under the brand “FUJI MEIJI” Business cooperation with Cannagen Co., Ltd. to cultivate, produce and distribute standard hemp inflorescence products. Medical-Grade integrated, including bringing the products to develop into various industrial products. By building a greenhouse with a smart farm management system

“With the expertise of both companies, it is believed that it will help promote more efficient cultivation. Including jointly developing new strains of hemp that are resistant to weather conditions increase productivity Reduce crop losses Including increasing the margin from product enhancement including developing new services to expand the market to cover the needs of all customer groups, “said Mr. Rachot.

Mr. Rachot added that The company sees opportunities for business growth. As the hemp-marijuana market in Thailand tends to increase in demand especially in the food industry Pharmaceuticals for Alternative Medicine and Cosmetics with market value from the upstream to downstream products with a total value of more than 28,000 million baht, covering more than 7,500 rai of cultivated areas in the country, and the proportion of hemp-hempion oil products reaches 1,383 million baht. For the current price of hemp flower bouquets, it is 8,000 baht per kilogram.

World Class Smart Farm and Cannagen are expected to start planting in January-February 2023 with an investment budget of 60 million baht in the first year, aiming to generate income in the first year of 120 million baht. before increasing to 180 million baht in the next year with a profit margin of about 30-40%, focusing on standard hemp cultivation Medical-Grade To meet the alternative medical and cosmetic industries.

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Mr. Rachot added that The planting area is located at the factory in Rayong, about 20 rai, with 80 domes ready to be planted. But will start at the first 40 domes first, where the company has already asked for permission to grow from the relevant agencies. along with planning that if the turnover is good, it is ready to expand the planting area Including planning to build an extraction plant with both domestic and international customer groups Currently, there are already some orders coming in.

Mr. Arach Komsawatdichai, Chief Financial Officer of Cannagen Co., Ltd., said that World Class Smart Farm has assigned the company to improve the farmland. Including developing a specific hemp cultivation formula and brought technology to help develop in order to produce according to the standards Medical-Grade And ready to sell to group companies that want to develop products in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry in the future.