“That is the question of the freedom at work that deserves to be discussed “

“That is the question of the freedom at work that deserves to be discussed “

FORUM. What reform of labour law want unions ? Hard to say. For the moment, these are merely a discourse on the method. As specialists in labour and social relations to return to their side, ideas classic : it is not necessary to lower the protections of employees and increase productivity. You can also refer to this as, in the act El Khomri, the unions have agreed to each and what they have denied for the other. It is finally imposed without the mobilization of trade union has not managed to weigh in on the situation. Let’s say at least that the French employees and the youth in a lot of jobs seem to expect unionism to something other than the Maginot line of the protests in the usual manner.

The idea of ” free work “, that inspires those who govern, is a good idea. The world of work has actually need freedom. And it is this question that deserves to be discussed. But when we look at the trade unions evolve in this environment, we have the painful impression that the freedom cannot be regained except, perhaps, in the distant future, and that it is only a question, in countering the more in a hurry, to relieve suffering or prevent the effects. It even has the painful impression that work is a curse to which it is necessary to obtain the repair or, at best, compensation.

Passive revolution

freedom is not, of course, the one that would give even more power to the employer to decide all alone of the work of others. We know where leads the increase of this discretionary power : to more mess and waste, the exasperation of individualism and consumerism blind. In this passive revolution, there is no liberation possible to the work.

freedom in the modern workplace, the office, the factory or elsewhere, it has become the effective power of taking responsibility…

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