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Thinking about your family economy, the Institute supports you to reduce or complete your monthly payment, as well as to obtain an extension when your debt or economic commitments do not allow you to fully or partially cover the monthly payment of your mortgage loan.

A new year begins and, with it, many Mexican families have to face a series of economic commitments, such as going back to school or paying debts and services. At Infonavit we know that this puts your assets at risk and affects your peace of mind by not being able to face the so-called January cost.

Aware of this reality, at Infonavit we support you with different payment solutions in case the commitments at the beginning of the year make it difficult for you to fully or partially cover the monthly payment of your mortgage loan, thus preventing your problems from becoming bigger with the collection of interest or surcharges.

No matter what your situation is, Infonavit has several programs that fit your needs, whether you need to reduce or complete your monthly payment or obtain an extension. Some of these options are: Total Extension, Payment Protection Fund, Customized Solution, Payment Capacity Opinion, among others.

Can I reduce the monthly credit payment?

If what you need is to restructure the amount of your monthly payment, you can resort to the following solutions:

Payment Capacity Opinion. If your income was reduced, this program offers you a temporary reduction in your monthly payment for 12 months, based on your income and expenses.
It is important to take into account that this option applies to all credits originated in Times Minimum Wages (VSM) through a private agreement.

Tailor Made Solution. This support also helps reduce your credit payment for up to one year (through a payment supplement by Infonavit). Unlike the previous one, the benefit is renewable and applies both to mortgages denominated in VSM and in pesos, which have been originated from 2017.
Can you help me complete my monthly payment?

In case you need Infonavit to help you with part of the monthly payment, you can make use of the Payment Protection Fund, which allows the Institute to complete the amount for six months, in case the employment relationship has been lost. . You can get this benefit for 6 months every 5 years.

To use it you must have financing formalized from 2009 and the payment that must be made is 10% of the monthly payment without an employment relationship.

Are there extensions for my mortgage payment?

If the January cost caused great damage to your economy, because you lost your job at the end of the previous year, making it difficult for you to pay your credit, then you can request a Total Extension, which allows you to postpone up to 12 consecutive months or 24 discontinuous months. payment of your mortgage, depending on the year in which you acquired your credit, although it is important that you take into account that interest accumulates.

I am not current with my payments, is there an option for me?

Do not worry, if you have already accumulated omitted payments that do not require restructuring or special support, the solution that Infonavit has for you is Borrón y Cuenta Nueva, through which the monthly payments that you have not been able to cover are transferred to the balance of your credit so you can resume your payments.

For Infonavit, the workers, as well as their families, are the most valuable, which is why it always seeks to protect their assets and support them throughout the life of their credit.

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