The aftermath of the Polda Metro Jaya Police Cheating with a Policewoman, the man is fired, the woman is down grade

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – It was reported that a police member who served in the Polda Metro Jaya had an affair with a policewoman (policewoman).

The man has now ended up being fired.

Meanwhile, the woman had to step down.

A woman’s story about her husband’s infidelity, who is a police officer at the Polda Metro Jaya, has gone viral.

In uploads on social media Twitter and TikTok, the woman with the initials IF recounted the case of her husband’s infidelity during her marriage to him since 2016.

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IF found an intimate chat with her husband, Brigadier A with a woman who turned out to be on duty in the same place, namely Bripda RPH.

The affair was then reported to the Polda Metro Jaya.

Director of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Sambodo Purnomo Yogo, confirmed the case of the affair.

An ethics trial has also been conducted for Britu A and Bripda RPH.

“It has been handled by Propam, the perpetrator has been tried by the code of ethics and has been PTDH. For more details, please contact Propam,” said Sambodo, as reported Tribunnews previously.