The alcoholic football legend drank so much that he urinated himself

Dutch World Cup silver and bronze medalist Wesley Sneijder’s career and marriage in Madrid ended. Tony Adams, the Arsenal legend, drank so much during the 1988 European Championship that he urinated all night, and Wayne Rooney, Manchester United’s goal-scorer, drank for two days before signing up for training. We have recently recalled the fate of three football players who were overcome by drugs and alcohol. Now again, players who became addicted to alcohol have died, but those are the lucky ones who successfully overcome the addiction.

Vodka was the best bar of the Real Madrid star

The Dutch World Cup winner and bronze medalist Wesley Sneijder started his playing career in Ajax, where he made his debut in the senior team in February 2003 at the age of 18. In August 2007, Real Madrid bought him for 27 million euros, making him the second most expensive Dutch footballer of all time. He spent two seasons in the Spanish capital, where he won the championship with the team at the end of his first season.

The coach, who retired in the summer of 2019, revealed in his autobiography that the Madrid football game did not go well because of alcohol.

Signing with Real also meant that I joined the Madrid squad. The thing sucked. I was young, attracted success and attracted attention. This is what could have gone wrong. I didn’t do drugs, but I drank, and as one of the stars of Real Madrid I continued to rock’n’roll,” said Sneijder, who scored 9 goals and made 9 assists in his first season in Madrid.

Sneijder (right) mostly played for the Spanish national team GutiSource: AFP/Jose Jordan

“Nothing came out of what I did. Even when I was completely drunk, I was wallowing in the street and spent thousands of euros to pay for the drinks. I was weak, I couldn’t resist the fact that people treated me like a star,” recalled Sneijder, whose first wife, Ramona Streekstra, accepted all of this and filed for divorce, which only worsened the situation.

“I started alone. I hate being alone. and what can I do if I have a lot of friends to spend time with? I didn’t notice that my best bar was vodka. Ruud van Nistelrooy and Arjen Robben tried to get him out of the pit. They told me to behave like a sportsman, because if I continue, I won’t get over it.”

Sneijder, who already started his second season in Madrid with a goal, only got a chance in 21 matches, scored two goals and made three assists, which is not an achievement expected from an elite soccer player.

“I wasn’t that young, I couldn’t focus. My approach was not before Real Madrid. I lied to myself by saying I was fine. It was only because of my game intelligence that I managed to stay in the team, but physically I was on the decline” – said the legendary player, whose career in the Netherlands played a role in his career in Madrid.

Sneijder spent his last season at Inter after he had to leave MadridForrs: AFP/Javier Soriano

Sneijder moved to Milan in the summer of 2009, where Jos Moruinho became Interj’s manager. At the end of the season, the black-and-whites managed to win the treble at the end of the season, becoming the first Italian team to win the championship, the Cup and Champions League, at the same time. And in the summer of 2010, Sneijder was the best player of the Dutch national team at the South African World Cup, where the orange jerseys won. After Mourinho’s departure, Sneijder’s performance also dropped, as did Inter’s. In January 2013, the Dutch conductor moved to Turkey’s Galatasaray, where he won three Turkish Cups and Super Cups in addition to two league titles, and then spent his last season with Al-Gharaf in Qatar.

He scored 134 goals in the Dutch national team. At the 2010 World Championships, he became the gold medalist and champion of the field, and even won a bronze medal with the Dutch team at the 2014 World Cup.

Sneijder retired in the summer of 2019, and a year later he announced that he would return to play as a goalkeeper in the team, Utrecht, but nothing came of it.

The legendary English vd drank so much that he urinated in his stomach

Tony Adams, the former 66-time English national team defender, has been sober for more than 25 years, even though it was known in the island nation that he was a heavy alcoholic during his football career. Nicknamed “Mr. Arsenal”, he also drank a lot in the 80s and 90s. The legend of the professional London team told The Sun that at the 1988 European Championship in Germany, he was under a lot of pressure due to the spotlight in Iceland.

“I was very young, 22 years old. In Radisson, we played against the Dutch, who had the best player in the world at the time. After the scored goals, I completely lost myself and felt as if we could do everything” – said Adams, who finished the group match, which the Dutch won 3-1 with Marco van Basten’s hat-trick.

Tony Adams received a statue in front of Arsenal’s stadiumSource: AFP/Glyn Kirk

“I didn’t have the means to deal with it. After we got knocked out, I had a good time, and then I peed on the carpet. the maid came to me. When I went down to breakfast with the team the next day, the boys stood up and shouted: pee, pee, pee. I pretended to laugh about it, but it really hurt. It really saved me,” said the former English national team defender, whose team was eliminated at the last group stage of the 1988 European Championship with three defeats.

After so many pub fights, drunk driving and disorderly conduct, Adams publicly admitted to being an alcoholic after the 1996 domestic European Championship. In 1996, the Frenchman Arsne Wenger was appointed Arsenal coach, and this brought about a big change in Adams’ career.

His mother and his father owned a pub near Strasbourg, he saw how alcohol and luck change people. Subtly, of course, but he saw the psychological effect. This guy was no idiot! This is one of the dangers, psychology” – said Adams about the French master, who, according to him, insisted on staying with Arsenal because he himself was an addict. He’s just not addicted to drink, but to football.

Arsne Wenger was the coach of Arsenal for 22 vigSource: AFP/Ian Kington

“It was really crazy. He couldn’t let go at the end – typical fgg. He is completely obsessed with the game, every single minute. Maybe it got into his relationships,” Adams added.

After a successful treatment, Tony Adams became England’s most famous ex-alcoholic, learned to play the piano, wrote a book, and created a charity clinic for athletes struggling with addiction.

“1996 I drank alcohol for the last time on August 16 at 5 pm. 25 years later, in peace and quiet, we would like to say thank you to all the now-retired fans who brought me the collected music back then,” the Arsenal legend wrote on Instagram.

As a player, Tony Adams won four league titles, three FA Cups, two League Cups, two English Super Cups and one European Cup Winners’ Cup with Arsenal, in which he scored 575 goals.

Tony Adams tackles Marc Overmars in a match against BarcelonaForrs: AFP/Gerry Penny

After his playing career, he also tried himself as a coach, but did not achieve serious success. The last time he coached Granada, which is in the Spanish league, was until the end of the season, but that’s also the end of that. The most important thing for Adams today is the charity organization called Sporting Chance, which he founded for athletes dealing with addiction and mental health problems. As he says, this organization puts behind everything he achieved during his successful football career.

Wayne Rooney could have died of ivs

Wayne Rooney, the goalscorer of Manchester United and the English national team, shocked the world with truth when he said in a BBC Breakfast broadcast that alcohol ended the entire football run.

Rooney said that when he was a teenager, when he was 12-13 years old, street fights and drinking were commonplace. On one occasion, he collapsed in front of Everton’s academy with an old drink in his hand. To this day, he remembers that the next day, Colin Harvey, his coach at the time, told him that he was the greatest talent he had ever seen, and that he should not let it go to waste.

The host Sally Nugent also asked him what he feared most in the drinking age.

“I think that the halltl. Of course there were girls and drunk driving, but I could have just as easily killed someone, or even myself. It was horrible to live. I knew I needed help to protect myself and my family” said the former castle.

Wayne Rooney was already a 17-year-old starSource: AFP/Aris Messinis

According to Rooney, 10-10 years ago, the conditions in football were not at all such that anyone could say, “Guys, I’m an alcoholic and I have immune problems”. Today, however, the situation is completely different, today a player in such a situation can count on help.

Rooney scored one of the most memorable goals of his football career against Arsenal on October 19, 2002. At that time, Arsenal was the best team in the Premier League, and at that time they were undefeated in the championship for 30 matches. However, Rooney was cheated in the match two days before his 17th deadline day, and he saw an indefensible goal for the English national team player David Seaman.

This was my last match at 16. I thought to myself and thought that I want to win at the age of 16″ – reminded Rooney of the first Premier League star, who also said that when he got up from the bench, he went into the stadium and that he would be fired upon from everywhere.

Rooney’s marriage also collapsed shortly after, as he cheated on his wife Colleen several times.

If there is alcohol involved, you make bad decisions and you have to bear the consequences. That doesn’t take anything away from my love for Colleen. There could have been a time when Colleen could have passed. But we love each other. J is our relationship. We are also officially friends. There is balance in our relationship – apart from the fact that we are alone with the beautiful child.”

Rooney drank a lot as a Manchester United playerForrs: AFP/Paul Barker

Rooney drank a lot, but he says he was never an alcoholic.

Rather, I was just such a clumsy type. If I got two days off, I drank for two days, then I dusted myself off – eye drops, gum, gloves – and then I went to the pool to train. I didn’t show my best form for my club this season.”

“I think you can have money, you can have a car, a house, but what you lose is your freedom. I went to Total Ninja (a game – ed.) with my children, and I had to leave after 10 minutes. It’s not that I didn’t want to meet the fans. I used to make words or make pictures of words, and then I couldn’t show them to my children. You try to be normal, but you can’t. I think a lot of players would say: We’d rather be a weekday person than this,” said Rooney, whose words show how much stress these star athletes live under.

In January 2021, Rooney retired from the Derby County team in the English second division because he was appointed as the team’s head coach.

Coaching Wayne Rooney is continuing his careerForrs: NurPhoto via AFP/MI News

The club, which faced serious financial problems, was relegated from the English second division this season, but Rooney did a great job. 21 points were deducted from Derby due to the violation of the accounting rules, however, the team in a poor situation won and was eliminated, only seven points separated them from staying in.

Rooney then requested the termination of his contract at the end of June, and in July he became the manager of DC United in the United States.