The algorithm will give pride of place to suggested content to the detriment of your friends’ publications

LESS SOCIAL NETWORKS – Posts from friends will be drowned out under suggested content

In early June, Instagram manager Adam Mosseri explained at length how the platform’s algorithms work. An operation that would already no longer be relevant since Instagram is currently testing a new algorithm that upsets the hierarchy of publications in the news feed; the suggested contents thus have priority over the publications of friends.

For now, Instagram’s news feed is made up of posts from friends and suggested content influenced by users’ past actions (like, comment, registration), but these only appear once they have been uploaded. first reviewed. However, Instagram seems to want to change this hierarchy and offer more suggested content through the publications of the people we follow.

A smooth change

At present, the new algorithm has only been deployed to a small number of iOS users. And if the latter is still in the testing phase, we can imagine that it will soon be fully adopted, forcing users to scroll more on the application to find the posts of the accounts to which they are subscribed. A way for the social network to encourage users to stay longer on its application, but also to consult (…) Read more on 20minutes

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