The App Store has an application for mining crypto-currencies

The App Store has an application for mining

A user can get a paid application for free, instead he uses some of the power of a PC to produce digital coins.
In Calendar 2, a virus-miner was added for planning on the Mac, using the power of the device for extracting the Montero crypto currency. This is reported by Ars Technica. It is interesting that the developer does not hide the innovation, and users provide the power of computers to extract coins voluntarily.
The application costs from $ 1 to $ 18 per month by subscription. But in addition, the user can install it for free, in which case he must agree to use the power of his device for mining. The extracted coins are credited to the account of the manufacturer, the company Qbix.
Later, the developer acknowledged that the miner was underdeveloped. On the web, users started complaining about the application. Because of it, the devices start to overheat or work very slowly. In response, the manufacturer promised to remove the miner in the next update.
The web believes that the proposed Qbix terms can become a trend among developers. Let’s remind, earlier the company promised to use 10-20% of capacity of the device for mining. But something went wrong.

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