The aviation fuel supply infrastructure of Vilnius and Palanga airports will be managed by a new company

In addition to the usual aviation fuel supply processes, the new operator has committed to contribute to the implementation of environmental solutions – technical bases may be created at fuel bases for the storage and supply of sustainable aviation fuel to aircraft.

The winning company will manage the specific aviation fuel infrastructure at the capital and Palanga airports, the operator will take care of the storage, quality control, issuance, supply to aircraft and all other processes related to fuel infrastructure management.

Separate lease agreements for Vilnius and Palanga fuel depots with the winning company Baltjet were signed in September. The company was set up as a subsidiary by the winning company, Undoz Ventures Limited. Undoz Ventures Limited is one of the largest wholesalers of aviation fuel in the Baltic region and has extensive experience in supplying fuel to Riga and Tallinn International Airports.

“It is important for us to manage the existing infrastructure efficiently, with the help of professionals in our field and by creating a mutually beneficial partnership. The arrival of an experienced operator will help to ensure that fuel costs are kept to a minimum for end users – airlines – and that any change is clearly justified and transparent. Looking further ahead, it is important that the operator is committed to contributing to the environmental goals that are important to us and to aviation as a whole – to adapt the infrastructure at our airports and create opportunities for sustainable aviation fuel storage and supply, ”says Dainius Čiuplys, Head of Lithuanian Airports Operations and Infrastructure Department. .

The aviation fuel base at Vilnius Airport is part of the central infrastructure – any fuel supplied to aircraft must be stored and issued in this infrastructure, and its parameters are constantly checked in accordance with international standards.

The lease agreements stipulate that the lessee of fuel depots must annually invest in the fuel storage and dispensing infrastructure of Vilnius and Palanga. All assets in fuel depots must be renewed at least twice during the operating period. Leases have been signed for ten years.

The capacity of jet fuel JET-A1 at Vilnius Airport is 4,000 cubic meters, at Palanga Airport – 300 cubic meters, and aviation gasoline – 25 cubic meters.

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