THE BALL – «Ronaldo and Lewandowski? I don’t want any more rumors circulating” (Chelsea)

Having just signed Raheem Sterling, Thomas Tuchel says that, for now, he doesn’t need more people at the front, laughing when asked about Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski, two forwards looking to leave their respective clubs.

Any chance of any of them being hired ask Sky Sports. “Any chance I won’t comment on any of them? (laughs). That’s what will happen. I won’t say, their careers speak for themselves, I don’t have to put more rumors around that don’t help anyone. We announce when there is something to announce”, he said.

But is there room for another striker after the departure of Lukaku and the arrival of Sterling from Manchester City? «I don’t put the hypothesis aside, but that is not the priority now, I think the priority now is the defense, everyone knows [o Chelsea perdeu Christensen e Rudiger]. We have to see what we can do.”

Tuchel believes that Chelsea “will not have a chance to compete for the title” if they do not sign more quality players. Sterling was the first major signing of new owner Todd Boehly, and in recent weeks news emerged that he had met with Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo’s agent.