THE BALL – Worst case scenario confirmed: Lucas Hernández says goodbye to the World Cup (and there will be seven…) (France)

It’s confirmed: Lucas Hernández, who was injured during the France-Australia, suffered a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, informed the French federation, and ended his participation in the World Cup and probably at the time.

It was in Australia’s goal, scored by Goodwin, in the 9th minute, that Hernández, after trying to dispute the ball with Leckie, Australian winger, seriously injured his right knee, alone, following an apparently harmless movement.

The player fell on the lawn and was unable to hide the pain afterwards, having been immediately replaced by his brother Theo Hernández.

At the end of the game, Didier Deschamps said it was serious, which came to pass after the player underwent an MRI. This type of injury usually needs months of recovery, so you may even miss the entire season with Bayern Munich.

France are thus without a fourth element since the squad was announced, after Presnel Kimpembe, Christopher Nkunku and Karim Benzema, joined by those previously unavailable: N’Golo Kanté, Paul Pogba and Mike Maignan. His vacancy can no longer be filled, so France are left with 24 players (he had no longer been called up as a substitute for Benzema).

′′ Like the whole group, players and staff, I’m very sorry for Lucas. We have lost an important element. Lucas is a warrior and I have no doubt he will do anything to get back to the top. I know him well: he will certainly have courage. On behalf of the group, I wish you the best possible recovery.”