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The Benito Ansola Award for the production of audio-visuals in the Basque Country has been opened

Euskaltzaleen Topagunea, Lekeitio City Council and the Basque Film Festival have opened the deadline for the publication of Benito Ansola for the production of audiovisual presentations in Basque on September 2. This year, in addition to the € 3,000 prize for young people between the ages of 18 and 36, the winning work will be premiered at the Lekeitio Basque Film Week.

According to the organizers, in the fifth edition of the award, "progress has been made in the selection process of the works". Thus, before selecting the winner, three works will be selected, and authors will have to submit to the judges at the Basque Film Week at Lekeition. The award-winning work will be announced at the close of the festival and a ten-month deadline will be taken to complete the project.

The last day of the presentation of projects will be September 2. To this end, the participants and the works presented must meet the requirements that appear in the competition rules. To get to know the basics of the competition, go to

They also remember that the call for participation in the 42th edition of the Basque Film Show at Lekeitio is open until September 30. Among the works presented, 20 will be chosen to participate in the competition, and the authors will receive 200 euros for the competition.

"The Basque Film Meeting will continue to make headway this year, turning it into a Basque audiovisual reference, and of course, it will be very important for all filmmakers, artists and filmmakers. Therefore, we invite you to participate in this edition, "they said.



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