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The best for Nintendo’s hybrid console Since March 2017, Nintendo Switch is on sale. This console connects you to your TV or you operate it in handheld mode on the way in the train. There are many games to choose from and Marion, Zelda and Neo Geo fans will get their money’s worth. Here we show you the best games for Nintendo Switch. Before we introduce you to the best games for Nintendo Switch, you should be able to understand our test procedure. So there are the three criteria playing time, entry and technique. Game time roughly indicates how long you can deal with the game, and boarding points to how well beginners get on with the game. Technology includes impressions such as graphics, frame rate or sound. This is how netzwelt tests Our testers first get a market overview and record as many possible games as possible. From this mass of products, the relevant titles from the editorial point of view are individually tested and the test results are presented.  14 Games in the selection  80+ Spent hours The overall grade does not necessarily have to result from the intersection of the three criteria mentioned above. This is because one criterion can be particularly prevalent. Furthermore, impressions such as gameplay or gameplay are included in the overall ranking, as they can hardly be individually evaluated with numbers. After the first month, Nintendo has already sold nearly three million copies of Nintendo Switch. This is the result of a financial report. Why the console arrives so well may be due to the new concept. Nintendo Switch connects your home to the TV via the base station. Leave your home, take out the switches and operate them in handheld mode. So you can play games on the go. More impressions to the console you read in our Test to Nintendo Switch , These are the best games for Nintendo Switch Zelda – Breath of the Wild in the test Review  | Action Adventure from Nintendo The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild inspires fans on Nintendo Switch and Wii U. In our test it is clear that Nintendo masters the game concept Open World, but there are also criticisms. Take a look The big highlight for the console is that Action-Adventure The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , You should not miss this game. Nintendo has created a magical, vibrant and open world of play (“Open World”) where you explore a lot, solve puzzles, and give opponents the fear – an absolute highlight. But also Super Mario Odyssey is a real top title for Nintendo Switch. Mario sets off on this adventure to free Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. For this he uses a cap (“Cappy”) as a central gameplay element. With it, he throws at opponents and can thus turn into them – sometimes you will Tyrannosaurus Rex. Learn more about the game in our Review of Super Mario Odyssey , If you want more party games for your switch, you should definitely Watch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , It offers many fun rounds with well-known Mario characters and especially the multiplayer is strong. Alternatively you try on Super Bomberman R or Snipperclips. Some games are special to the features of the new ones Joy-Con controller designed. This includes the party game 1-2-Switch, which contains many mini-games. For example, two players each take a Joy-Con and face each other. A signal is given over the television to which the opponents pull the Joy-Con like revolvers and try to meet in the Wild West manner. In the future game Arms you also use the Joy-Con as boxing gloves and beat you with real flapping moves in the virtual world of the game. Enjoy Neo Geo games with Nintendo Switch Furthermore we can give you titles like FIFA 18 , Splatoon 2, Bayonetta, Rocket League or many Neo Geo classics recommend that you can buy in the shop digitally for only a few euros. Classics like Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Blazing Star, Street Hoop or Metal Slug are among them. From the end of April 2018 will also be the new toy Nintendo Labo be available for Nintendo Switch. With cardboard sheets from two craft kits, you’ll turn your switch into models like a piano, a house or a motorbike handlebar and interact with them. Learn more in the short test of Nintendo Labo , Nintendo Switch: These are the launch titles If you’d like to see what games Nintendo Switch has started with, look below. In the table you can see which games have been released to launch the console. game genre Publisher 1.2 switch Party game Nintendo Fast RMX racing game Shin’en multimedia I Am Setsuna role playing game Square Enix Just Dance 2017 dance game Ubisoft Shovel Knight platformer Yacht Club Games Snipperclips jigsaw puzzle Nintendo Super Bomberman R Jump and Run Konami Zelda – Breath of the Wild Open world Nintendo Skylanders imaginator Action-Adventure Activision This overview will be expanded gradually. So you will find the best Nintendo Switch games filtered for you. You may be wondering which games will appear otherwise this year. Visit our Game Release List and you see upcoming game releases for all major consoles. Leaderboard: The best games for Nintendo Switch In March 2017, Nintendo released the new console Nintendo Switch. It’s a mix of home console and handheld. We’ll show you which games you should have tried. 9.5 Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best games on Nintendo Switch, as the title delights with fresh game ideas. It does not have to hide from a Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The open-world approach is reminiscent of classic games like Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine and still offers something new. In addition, the new Mario works great with the controllers of the new console Nintendo Switch. It’s a playground for creative Mario fans who interact a lot with the game world. Hats off, Nintendo! Check price at  To the Review 9.5 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a masterful action-adventure game in which you lose yourself for hours. So lovingly Nintendo has created the open game world, as it hardly any other title from this guild can. Breath of the Wild is Nintendo Switch’s best launch title and a worthy last Nintendo Wii U title. It is THE gaming highlight of the year 2017. Check price at  To the Review 9.5 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Who calls a Nintendo Switch his own, comes to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe barely over. It’s after Zelda: Breath of the Wild the second top title of the new console and an absolute recommendation for multiplayer fans. The scope is gigantic, the gameplay classic and the presentation colorful, fun and charming. Owners of Mario Kart 8 and a switch may still be waiting for a cheaper offer for the Deluxe version, because the Wii U title is still great. Check price at  To the Review 9.0 FIFA 18 FIFA 18 is doing really well, but has to defy its competitor PES 2018 when it comes to gameplay elements such as construction play, duels and the goalkeepers. In almost all other categories, however, the new FIFA is ahead. The license package with original teams is absolutely amazing and the German football fan is especially happy about the 3rd league in the game. Singles and co-ops jump into story mode, and FIFA Ultimate Team looks better than ever. The improved stadium atmosphere completes the football atmosphere, like a bratwurst and a cold beer in the south curve. Check price at  To the Review More video game leaderboards A complete overview of all products can be found here: Video Game – All Products and Reviews , If you are looking for special price ranges, functions or something similar, our other leaderboards will help you further. rating Here you can rate the leaderboard “The best games for Nintendo Switch”. The current rating is currently included 7 from 10 possible points 7 votes cast.  Thank you for your review! That could interest you too


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