The building collapse in Miami – Sank two millimeters annually

The building that collapsed in Miami on Thursday night Norwegian time is said to have sunk by two millimeters annually since the 90s.

It shows a study, conducted by the American researcher Shimon Wdowinski, who works at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the International University of Florida.

He tells USA Today that he immediately remembered the study when he saw what had happened to the building in Miami.

CONTINUES THE WORK: Rescue crews are continuing work on the building that collapsed in Miami on Thursday night. Photo: Gerald Herbert / AP / NTB
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– I looked at what this morning said: “My God, we discovered it”, he says to the newspaper.

He quickly emphasizes that it can not be said with certainty that this is the cause of the collapse, but that the structure of the building may have been affected when it collapsed.

– We saw that the building had a kind of unusual movement when we conducted the study, the researcher says.

Discovered little fingers in the ruins

Discovered little fingers in the ruins


Daniel Dietch is a former mayor of Surfside, the area where the incident took place. He warns against drawing premature conclusions about what was the cause.

– This is an unusually unusual event and it is dangerous to speculate as to what the cause is.

So far, four people have been confirmed dead after the collapse. In addition, eleven people were injured and 159 people are still missing.

COLLAPSE: Videos from the alleged crash site show major damage to an apartment block in Miami.
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Affected by the weather

CNN writes that the authorities have promised that they will investigate what the cause is, as it is currently impossible to find a precise reason.

The same channel also wonders whether the proximity to the sea may have affected the condition of the building.

– I have seen hundreds of buildings along the coast where you have problems with cement, says Greg Batista, specialist in concrete repairs, to the canal.

- Extremely demanding and dangerous

– Extremely demanding and dangerous

«Extensive structural damage»

In 2018, an engineer encouraged homeowners in the block to repair the foundation of the building.

It comes from a report that the New York Times has had access to.

The concrete slab under the swimming pool must have had «extensive structural damage», and that there must have been a lot of cracks and wear in the columns, beams and walls in the parking garage on the building.

After the report was presented, it was decided that the renovation work would start this summer, almost three years later.

Difficult work

The rescue crews working at the accident site have used both excavators and drones to search for the people who are still missing.

– As soon as we hear a sound, we concentrate the search in that area, says assistant fire chief, Raide Jadallah to the news agency AP.

He explains that it is not certain that the sounds come from humans, but that they can also come from material that has moved due to the weather, and that the search operation is therefore very difficult.

He is supported by the current mayor of Surfside, Charles Burckett.

– We do not have a resource problem. We have a happiness problem.