The children at the Hummelnest daycare center had something to laugh about

News from 11/25/2021

Children have wishes, especially nowadays it is important to take a deep breath, let everyday life lie and take time for something special. The Hummelnest daycare center at Roniger Hof also tries to make the wishes of the youngest children come true as best it can.

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Linz. Attending a puppet show was at the top of the children’s wish list. This wish was granted to the children and the day care center Hummelnest has the? Puppenbühne Friedrich Liebe ?? invited by Sascha Friedrich Liebe to her facility.

The in-house gym of the day-care center offers enough space for the large puppet stage. Equipped with a stage, puppets and a music system, Sascha Friedrich Liebe as a talented puppeteer enchants not only children but also adults. Everyone was deliciously amused, young and old watched the puppet show enthusiastically and could hardly hold back from laughing.

At this point, the Hummelnest daycare center would like to thank Sascha Friedrich Lieber very much for this special puppet show, the educational staff was more than enthusiastic, the children’s eyes lit up and the laughter came from the bottom of their hearts. In addition, the institution also says a big thank you to the ?? Elferrat Linz 1971 eV ?? who financed this event in part with a donation.

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