The Civil Guard cuts off access to the Chal de Iglesias street in Galapagar and only allows residents to pass



The Civil Guard had already reinforced in recent days the security device in the area and this Thursday has placed dissuasive fences on the street and has controlled access to it, allowing only residents to pass

Casserole in the urbanization of Galapagar where Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero live.

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    Warns that the next to suffer a scan at home may be Isabel Daz Ayuso or Santiago Abascal if they end up generalizing

The Civil Guard has reinforced this Tuesday the security device deployed in the urbanization of Galapagar (Madrid) where the home of the second vice president of the Government is located,Pablo Iglesias,and the Minister for Equality,Irene Montero,with fencing and limited access for residents only.

The house that the leader of Podemos and the minister have in the La Navata de Galapagar urbanization has been the object of the last days of protests against the Government for the management of the coronavirus pandemic that originated in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid and they leftspreading at different pointsof the national territory.

The Civil Guard is responsible forguarantee security on the perimeter of the Iglesias and Montero home,a role already assigned before the declaration of the alarm state.

In the last days, mainly since the last weekend, there have been several neighbors whohave approached the area to rattle their pots and pansto demand the resignation of the Government for its management of the Covid-19 crisis.

Following the call on social networks for a ‘pan’ at 9:00 p.m., several dozen people have gathered in recent daysin front of the shawl of this luxury urbanizationwearing Spanish flags and playing the national anthem.

Wearing masks, although not in all cases, those gathered this Tuesday have walked in front of the Iglesias and Montero home to protest against the Government.under the watchful eye of the agentsof the Armed Institute.

The Civil Guard had already reinforced in recent days the security device in the area andthis Thursday has put dissuasive fenceson the street and has controlled access to it, allowing only residents to pass.

Iglesias himself has condemned this Tuesday the escraches that have suffered in recent days and has warned that if protests such as the one that these days are being carried out by “right-wing people” are being carried out against some members of the Executive, as is their case, in front of their homes,no one knows “where they can end”,and the next may be concentrations “of left-wing people” in front of “the apartment” of the President of the Community of Madrid,Isabel Daz Ayuso,or the house of the leader of Vox,Santiago Abascal.

“Today they are right-wing people demonstrating at the door of my house. Tomorrow they may be left-wing people demonstrating in front of Ayuso’s apartment, the Espinosa de los Monteros house or Abascal’s,” he warned in an interview in La Sexta. , collected by Europa Press, in which it has pointed out that in what regards,does not complain,because “you have to come home from politics to tears.”

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