The color of the pee informs us about our health: the very useful guide of the specialists

Observing the color of pee is very important to get information about our health, here is a very useful guide.

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Perhaps you have happened to notice one thing: the pee color it is not always the same. In fact, this changes depending on some internal aspects of the organism. Observing its color is very useful, because it can make us understand a lot about our state of health. Not only with color, it can also give us a lot of information thanks to its smell and its transparency.

Elisa De Lorenzis, specialist in the Urology Unit of the Polyclinic of Milan, said that often this is something we all take for granted. Instead, it is important that there is in people the awareness to control themselves, also through the state of their urine. This changes in yours features from person to person and also changes with age.

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Today we want to give you, thanks to the specialists, a very useful guide on how to understand what the state of your urine represents, to check every day, since a person should produce it. a liter and a half per day. Below you will find all the details.

The color of pee warns us about our health: the guide of specialists

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To check your urine, just put it in a sterilized test tube and then have it examined. But you can also think for yourself to check it and notice that something is wrong. The guide given by the specialists, based on the color of the pee, is this:

  • transparent: excellent hydration
  • straw yellow or light yellow: good hydration
  • dark yellow: poor hydration
  • amber color, honey: very low hydration
  • marrone: possible liver problem
  • rosso: possible infection due to the presence of blood
  • Orange: possible liver or biliary problem
  • green or blue– possible infection, liver problem or reaction to a drug
  • foamy: kidney problems or too much protein

As you can see if your urine remains clear and yellow, you can understand what level of hydration you have and improve it if necessary. On the other hand, if it starts to be of other colors, then you must immediately notify the medico. Sometimes it may be colored due to food dyes, or it may smell bad from some vegetables.

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However, when you notice a change, you should notify your doctor so that he can prescribe others investigations to do. It seems a strange thing, but above all through what comes out of our body we are able to understand how the organism works and if there are any problems in progress.