The company. Mar Gmez, La Veronal and AdHok will perform at the Sismgraf this fall in an edition reformulated by the coronavirus

The Seismograph of Olot has announced the details of the programming of the new edition that was to be held from 23 to 26 April and that it has been postponed until the fall by the coronavirus. The strategic dance festival in Catalonia has rescheduled the shows for September 20 and October 3, but there will also be other days.

So it will have names like the Cia.Mar Gomez, which will premiere ‘Semperviva’ during the Tura Festival; the collective The Veronal with the montage ‘Pasionaria’ and Juan Carlos Lérida with ‘The hours of sacrifice’. The international proposal will be AdHok with the montage ‘Immortels-Le Nid’.

What does stay this week is the day for professionals to be done online on April 24.

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