the concept has a spectacular design

Inside Maserati there is one real revolution, which within a couple of years will lead the brand to fully embrace the path towards extensive electrification of the vehicle range.

The electric variants of GranTurismo, GranCabrio, Ghibli, Quattroporte etc. are quite imminent, but with the debut of the fantastic MC20 (here’s its sound!), The Italian car manufacturer starts a design revolution.

Therefore, following the first guidelines of the renewed Trident, the designer Samuele Errico Piccarini went much further, creating a spectacular concept visible through the image gallery at the bottom of the page. Piccarini he called it Maserati GranTurismo Targa, with which he tries to anticipate the producer’s moves through a luxurious, sporty car and at the same time capable of paying homage to the historical pedigree.

Like the current GranTurismo, the concept has a front engine, but the bonnet is still longer than necessary, while the passenger compartment is all moved towards the rear. The GranTurismo Targa also boasts a roof design directly inspired by the legendary Maserati 5000GT. To add desirability to the car, the option was finally given to remove the roof for a completely uncovered drive.

At the front the vehicle sports a large grille with a very septile LED headlight strip, with semicircular daytime running lights. At the rear one cannot fail to notice the bar of red LEDs that crosses it for its entire width, while the Trident dominates in the center, requiring the observer’s attention. Very peculiar then the choice of making the trunk transparent, which allows you to have a look at the load without having to open the tailgate.

In the meantime, the FCA Group, on which the fate of Maserati depends, is going through a very delicate period. The merger with the PSA Group will give life to the giant named Stellantis, and with this special of ours we try to deepen the subject thanks to the information available at the moment.


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