The construction manager proposes to extend this year’s work on the repair of the Barrandovský bridge until October 10

Reconstruction began on May 16 this year. Originally, the work was supposed to end on September 2. Due to the forced modifications of the project, the completion of the repairs was postponed by 27 days to September 29 in the summer, and now it is the second postponement of the deadline.

Footage of traffic on the Barrandovský bridge at the beginning of the reconstruction.Video: News

“After checking all the documents, the construction manager submitted a proposal for the deadline for the completion of the construction works that limit traffic on the Barrandovský bridge by October 10, 2022. This deadline takes into account the so-called physical and other unforeseen circumstances on the construction site. TSK also sees reserves in this term and will continue to negotiate with the construction manager about shortening it,” said Lišková.

The definitive date should be known in the following days, when the builder will comment on it and then deliver the binding decision of the construction manager, which is an association of companies under the leadership of IDS, Contract Management and VIS.

The builder requests a further extension of the deadline for the repair of the Barrandovský bridge


The construction manager is also a kind of mediator, i.e. an intermediary between TSK and the construction company. In case of non-compliance with this deadline, TSK will apply sanctions based on the wording of the contract.

The Barrand bridge from 1983 is part of the city ring road and has never been repaired. It is crossed by 140,000 cars daily, which makes it the busiest road in Prague.

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