FOR HIM The latest New Yorker cover, the political artist Barry Blitt, gives the "white room" a creative twist.

Blitt's illustration titled "Welcome to Congress" shows a dominant swarm of literally white men becoming a splash of color upon entering women.

The picture reflects the fact that a record number of women are heading towards Capitol Hill. "The women who ran this year were remarkably different – blacks, Latina, Indians," wrote Mary Jordan of the Washington Post.

"Welcome to Congress" by Barry Blitt. (The New Yorker 2018) (by Barry Blitt. (The New Yorker 2018))

"In all the grudges and madness of the past few weeks – Hell, the last few years – it seems we've just had a great moment," Blitt told New York art editor Françoise Mouly in a story on the magazine's website.

"We had been hoping for a two-year shift on mid-election day, but by the time Wednesday arrived, the hoped-for blue wave had not materialized," Mouly says of the Washington Post's comic riffs. "Artists sent dozens of sketches, each trying to capture a moment that moved incessantly.

"In the end," she continues, "we chose Blitty's funny drawing, the only thing we all want to hold on to: the future is here to bring fresh air into a depressingly outdated room."

Among Blitts most prominent political coverings over the years include the impulsive Obama ("The Politics of Fear") and Trump as Beauty Candidate ("Miss Congeniality"). And last year they were collected in the hardcover retrospective "Blitt".


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