The creator of Topo Gigio, María Perego, dies


The creator of the famous Topo Gigio, María Perego, died this Friday, at 96, at her home in Milan. According to Gabriel Garzón, interpreter of the voice of the friendly mouse, he suffered a heart attack, in the company of his loved ones.

"I know that before she left, she did receive the kiss from Gigio's good night", the Mexican actor wrote.

That puppet mouse, dressed as a human being, who spoke and was sleepy, lowered his eyes when he felt shame and fell in love with the viewers. "Until tomorrow, God willing, rest well, it was time to go to bed and dream too, because tomorrow will be another day, you have to live it with joy", said Topo Gigio with a song.

Maria Perego passes away today November 7 at 7am at her home in Milan at the age of 96, in the company of her …

Posted by Gabriel Garzon Lozano on Thursday, November 7, 2019

The friendly and dear mouse was created in 1958 by Perego and had its first appearance on Italian television. However, he was not well received in his home country. Some time later, its creator was encouraged to export its content and achieved unthinkable success. In Latin America it became popular in the mid-80s.

The creation of his name, now converted into a brand, arises from the Italian "mole" which means mouse and "Gigi" which is a derivative of Luigi, Luis in Spanish.



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