The day Kanté had chicken for dinner with strangers and beat everyone at FIFA

The Chelsea beat the Southampton for the round of 16 of the Carabao Cup, the English League Cup

For the game, the coach Thomas Tuchel did not have the defensive midfielder N’Golo Kanté again, who has gradually recovered from a minor injury, returned to training with the London squad on Monday.

About three years ago, the Frenchman was the protagonist of one of the craziest and funniest stories of recent years.

After participating in the victory of the Chelsea 4-1 in the Premier League, Kanté, like all his companions, he won on Sunday off. For this reason, he decided to travel to Paris to visit his family.

However, the midfielder he was late to the station and missed the train that would take him from London to the French capital. RAfter being signed, he decided to stay in England and, not knowing the surroundings very well, he investigated the nearest mosque and went there to participate in evening prayer.

After the religious ceremony, Kanté was recognized by a group of young soccer fans, who asked him what he was doing there. Responding that he was alone and “lost”, they immediately invited the blues star to dinner.

Known for his extremely down-to-earth and humble personality, the flyer readily accepted.

Thus, the footballer, who had just been world champion with the French team, ate chicken with his new friends. Then he played video games and beat everyone in FIFA. To close the afternoon, he also watched “Match of the day”, the famous Premier League program on the BBC channel, even commenting on his plays in the Chelsea triumph.

In an interview with the BBC, the House’s owner, Badlur Rahman | Jalil (who is curiously a fan of Arsenal), told how it all happened.

“I went to the mosque on Saturday and we prayed together. As Islam teaches, we have to invite visitors to dinner at home, so I asked him if he wanted to go. He said yes and went with me and my brother. We ate chicken and drank tea, “he noted.

“Afterwards, he beat us all at FIFA and we watched the ‘Match of the day’ program. It was a very beautiful night,” he added.

badlurBy the way, she made sure to call all her closest friends and let them know that a celebrity was at her house. When everyone went to see who it was, they came face to face with Kanté on the couch playing FIFA.

“I am a Liverpool fan and most of my friends support Arsenal, but Kanté is more than a footballer. As a Muslim, he is a great inspiration to us and an example of a great human being,” said Jahrul, one of his friends.

“He has his feet on the ground. He is a very humble person, who does not believe that he is a level above you. Footballers tend to get angry with people who ask them for photos all the time, but he was very happy to take photos with us . I could see that his smile was sincere, “he finished.