The Death of the Electric Rat Trap in Sragen, This is a List of 18 People Killed in the Last 2 Years

4. Wednesday (14/4/2021) Thursday, 80, a farmer from Hamlet Karangpelem, Karanganom Village, Sukodono, Sragen, was found dead in a rice field area in a local village. The victim’s family had suspected that Kemis did not return home before breaking the fast. The family then searched the fields and found the victim’s body in a lifeless condition. The victim suffered burns from electric shock.

5. Saturday (10/4/2021) Cipto Purnomo, 56, a village official from Dukuh Sadang RT 002, Kecik Village, Tanon, Sragen, died from being electrocuted by a rat trap he set himself. The incident occurred in the victim’s rice field in Hamlet Kaping RT 032, Kecik, Tanon, Sragen, at around 17.00 WIB. He was evacuated by residents to the nearest clinic, but his life was not saved.

6. Saturday (6/3/2021) Sunardi, 60, a farmer from Dukuh Gabus Wetan RT 005, Gabus Village, Ngrampal District, Sragen, died at the rice seed nursery in his rice field. Sunardi’s body was found by local residents at around 08.30 WIB. His body suffered burns from electric shock from a mousetrap he set himself.

7. Wednesday (4/11/2020) Jamino, 58, a farmer in Jatitengah Village, Sukodono, Sragen, was found lying stiff in the embankments and rice fields of his neighbor, Pariman, 59, from Lemahireng RT 5, Jatitengah, Sukodono, Sragen.

8. Monday (2/11/2020) Suyadi, 58, a farmer from Dukuh Tanjang RT 21, Kedungupit Village, Sragen District, was also found electrocuted dead in his rice field.

9. Thursday (10/9/2020) Supomo, a village official from Hamlet Kranggan, RT 21, Pengkol Village, Tanon District, Sragen, was found dead due to being electrocuted by a rat trap that he set himself in his rice field area.

10. Thursday (13/8/2020) Karno Purnomo, a farmer from Celep Hamlet, Gringging Village, Connectmacan District, Sragen, was found dead in his rice field due to a rat trap.

11. Tuesday (28/7/2020) Prapto Wiyono alias No Flood, a farmer from Hamlet Bulakrejo RT 28/1, Duyungan, Sidoharjo, Sragen, was found dead with serious burns due to electric shock in his own rice field.



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