In a factory of Japanese condoms manufacturer Sagami Rubber Industries, January 25, 2018.
In a factory of Japanese condoms manufacturer Sagami Rubber Industries, January 25, 2018. BEHROUZ MEHRI / AFP

In a survey published Thursday, January 10 on the level of quality and safety of condoms, the Directorate General Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) reveals that, "Among the samples taken, the rate of non-compliance was more than 80%". "In addition, a product has been declared non-compliant and dangerous", she warns: the brand STAR Condoms, which was the subject of a recall notice. But the DGCCRF nuances these results by considering that "Most operators have a good knowledge of condom regulation".

To carry out this investigation, "Twenty-five establishments were visited and seventy control actions carried out", says the public body, which examined condoms 'Not displaying the NF mark [marque de certification attestant la conformité des produits]. The majority of these condoms were made in China, Malaysia and Thailand ".

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Lack of labeling and in the instructions for use

"Eleven samples were taken, continues the DGCCRF. They concerned both traditional condoms and lubricated condoms. (…) The non-compliance rate of the samples analyzed is 82%. "

These non-conformities are notably due to "The presence of perforations on a sample" and "A dimension defect (the measured width being less than the width indicated on the labeling) on ​​a sample". Other problems have also been detected, such as "Non-compliance with labeling requirements" and "The absence of indications in the instructions for use: date of publication or the last revision, name of the manufacturer or the representative absent, side effects …".

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