The division in the east district is: The preliminary round groups for the district classists + update

District game director Wolfgang Heyne published the division of the preliminary round groups for the league cup in the Niederbayern Ost district on Monday morning. A correction was subsequently made that affected groups 18 and 19.

In the district class, all 84 teams registered in play take part in the league cup. 21 groups of four could be drawn after they were divided into regions. The draw was carried out by playgroup leaders Alfons Lallinger, Harald Wagner and Jürgen Moser in the presence of district game director Heyne. In addition to many derbies in the individual groups, top teams also meet in the preliminary round. At the end of this additional competition, which was founded due to the corona pandemic, there is a one-time master of all district classes. The fixtures are expected to appear in mid-August.

Here you can find the classification of the preliminary rounds for the 135 participating A-classists.
The group heads for the league cup in the district leagues have also been determined

Group 1: DJK SG Schönbrunn, Spvgg Kirchdorf-Eppenschlag, SV Haus iW, TSV Regen II.

Group 2: SV Perkam, RSV Ittling, SG Bogen II / Oberalteich, SV Schwarzach.

Group 3: TSV Stallwang, SV Zinzenzell, SV Ascha, SV Neukirchen-Steinburg.

Group 4: SV Irlbach, SG Post/Kagers, SV 1946 Salching, SV Hunderdorf.

Group 5: Spvgg Straubing, FC Aiterhofen, SV Bernried, TSV Natternberg.

Group 6: SV March, SG Teisnach / Gotteszell, SG Innernzell / Schöfweg II, TSV Grafenau II.

Group 7: SV Habischried, Spvgg Patersdorf, SV Kollnburg, SG Edenstetten.

Group 8: SV Kirchberg i.W, TSV Klingenbrunn, TSV Ringelai, DJK-SV St. Oswald.

Group 9: TSV Lindberg, FC Untermitterdorf, TSV Schönberg, DJK-SSV Hinterschmiding.

Group 10: SV Bischofsmais, SV Arnbruck, TSV Grafling, SV Lalling.

Group 11: FC Handlab-Iggensbach, 1st FC Poppenberg, SV Winzer, SV Schöllnach.

Group 12: FC Eging am See, SV Zenting, SV Thurmansbang, SG Preming.

Group 13: Spvgg Osterhofen II, FC Moos, FC Künzing II, SG Gergweis.

Group 14: SV-DJK Karlsbach, FC Dreisessel, SG Altreichenau / Bischofsreut, SG Waldkirchen II / Böhmzwiesel.

Group 15: SV Hintereben, SG Neudorf / Neuschönau, SV Röhrnbach, SG Preying / Tittling II.

Group 16: SG Thyrnau / Kellberg, FC Büchlberg, FC Ruderting, TSV Nottau.

Group 17: DJK Straßkirchen, SG Hochwinkl/Wildenranna, TSV-DJK Oberdiendorf, FC Obernzell-Erlau.

Group 18: 1.FC Passau II, DJK Eintracht Patriching, DJK Jägerwirth, SV Beutelsbach.

Group 19: FC Schalding left d. Danube, DJK-SV Kirchberg vW, SG Hartkirchen / Pocking, SG Neukirchen / Engertsham.

Group 20: ASV Ortenburg, RSV Kirchham, DJK-SV Weng, SV Haarbach.

Group 21: FC Fürstenzell, FC Aunkirchen, FC Unteriglbach, FC Alkofen.

The 21 group winners and the eleven best runners-up qualify for the first knockout round. Then two pots are formed with the 32 teams: One with the 16 best first in the table and Pot 2 with the five remaining group winners and the second in the table. A maximum of three teams can achieve promotion to the district league via the league cup. − red

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