The e-car creates this range

With the new iX3, BMW is launching its second fully electric car. Does the new one look familiar to you? No wonder, since the SUV is based on the normal X3 – and looks very similar to it.

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BMW wants to deliver the electric iX3 in January 2021 and has set the price at 66,300 euros. In contrast to the i3 as the only fully electric BMW to date, the iX3 is not a redesign planned from the outset as an electric car. It is based on the X3 and has only been converted.

From the outside, mainly recognizable by the new radiator grille and blue trim, there is an electric motor under the sheet metal instead of a combustion engine. According to the manufacturer, it makes 286 hp and drives the rear wheels. It is fed by a battery of 80 kWh in the WLPT cycle to enable a range of up to 460 kilometers.

BMW iX3 – in 6.4 seconds to 100 km

Charged with up to 150 kW on direct current columns, the iX3 draws electricity for 100 kilometers within ten minutes and reaches a battery level of 84 percent after 34 minutes. According to BMW, the engine accelerates from a standstill to 100 km / h in 6.4 seconds at best with up to 400 Nm and is electronically braked at 180 km / h.

Significantly more compact than before, the on-board batteries allow a loading volume of 510 to 1,560 liters. BMW has announced more electric cars. So in 2021, also as a conversion based on the new 4 Series, the i4. In addition, an iNext is to follow within a year, which will again be specially designed as an electric car.



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