The exclusive agreement between Microsoft and Qualcomm has expired

A new era will begin in the lives of both companies in the near future. Windows running on ARM processor systems is more successful than anyone might think.

At the end of October, a new job offer was announced, which has been available on Microsoft’s official website since the beginning of September, in which the company is looking for a department head named SoC Architecture. Although there are no specific targets on the list, the company is likely planning to design and launch its own processors. Clearly, Microsoft will follow Apple’s lead.

Windows was officially introduced on the ARM platform almost 5 years ago and it has been alive and well ever since, and has been available for much longer than many analysts expected. However, XDA is now there he called Note that there is still an exclusive agreement between Microsoft and Qualcomm according to which Windows on ARM systems will run exclusively on Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. The contract is about to expire, but details are not yet known.

The news is not surprising, as Microsoft initially needed a partner to accompany it on this journey, but the downsides of exclusive collaboration also became apparent. Among other things, Qualcomm did very little to bring ARM-PC performance to a new level, and there was no reason to do so, as there was no need to worry about competitors. However, MediaTek and Samsung may appear in the region in the near future, and Qualcomm may also introduce new processors. However, this will take some time, during which Microsoft can intervene.