the Fauve d’or is awarded to “Révolution”, the Prix du Public France Télévisions to “Saison des roses”

The Angoulême Comics Festival, which marks the official launch of the year of comics, unveiled its winners on February 1.

As for the Prix du Public France Télévisions, it is Chloé Wary, a young designer born in 1995, who was distinguished on Saturday afternoon by the jury. His comic book album, Season of Roses (Flblb), tells the story of a suburban teenager’s fight to save her football team whose future is threatened.

The Golden Fauve was awarded to Florent Grouazel and Younn Locard for Revolution t.1 (Actes Sud – L’An 2), their striking 320-page fresco on the French Revolution of 1789, the first part of a very ambitious trilogy.

Among other awards, Joe Kessler received the Fauve Révélation for Skylight (The Association), an amazing collection of five stories, while Seth obtained the Special Fauve from the jury for Clyde Fans (Delcourt), a family story.

Some distinctions were awarded at the start of the festival. Wednesday evening, the cartoonist and scriptwriter Emmanuel Guibert, author in particular of the series Alan’s war (The Association, 2000-2008), notably received the Grand Prize of the city of Angoulême for all of his work. On Thursday, the festival’s Youth Prize was awarded to author Camille Jourdy for her album Vermeilles (Actes Sud BD). Finally, on the sidelines of the festival, the Algerian cartoonist Abdelhamid Amine, known as “Nime”, critic of the regime and sentenced in December to one year in prison including three months closed, received the prize for artistic courage.

The festival is held against the backdrop of the concern of cartoonists and screenwriters who are struggling to make a living from their art, and who have not failed to let people know on the stands, including a dedication strike on Friday.

The Angoulême Awards
The Angoulême Awards (France Télévisions)

Fauve d’or : Revolution t.1 by Florent Grouazel and Younn Locard (Actes Sud – L’An 2)

Fauve Audience Prize France Televisions: Rose season by Chloé Wary (Flblb)

Fauve BD Alternative: Komikaze (Croatia)

Fauve du Patrimoine: The green thumb and other stories from Nicole Claveloux (Cornelius)

Fawn Revelation: Skylight by Joe Kessler (The Association)

Beast of Audacity: Act of god by Giacomo Nanni (Right here)

Fawn from the series: In the abyss of time by Gou Tanabe and HP Lovecraft (Ki-on)

Jury Special Fawn: Clyde Fans de Seth (Delcourt)

Fauve Polar SNCF: No direction d’Emmanuel Moynot (Sarbacane)

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