On October 26, Netflix releases the first season of The cooling adventures of Sabrina, it is Teen Vogue-meets-The craft Turn the teenage witch of Archie Comics, and now we have the first teaser. In case you did not know what "Dark Coming-of-Age" meant when Netflix first announced the series, the one-minute clip is here to assure you that this show targets a satanic panic revival attack his own.

The series, the Kiernan Shipka (mad Men) As the titular orphans of a sorcerer and a human, begins with Sabrina Spellman's 16th birthday on the horizon, a witchcraft milestone in which every witch or sorcerer, such as a demonic Bat Mitzvah, must take part in a ritual that includes signing her name in blood in Satan's autograph book and then in what is essentially Hogwarts from hell. For Sabrina, however, the decision becomes a dilemma: she is also half mortal, and while her father was a powerful, respected warlock in her world, she is not sure if her dead parents even wanted her to join the devil.

The new teaser makes it clear that this dark redo is the serene 90s sitcom Sabrina the teenage witch comes from the creators of Riverdale: the dark streets, old-fashioned cars and a trio of cool girls in matching outfits (in Riverdale. it's Josie and the pussycats; here it is a clique known as the Weird Sisters) all hold it in the same universe as the hit CW show. But now Beelzebub is here in the seven-foot-high wrath goat meat, and luckily the animatronic Salem has been replaced by a real cat. Hail Satan.


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