The General Authority for Pension and Social Security participated in the 19th International Social Security Association (ISSA), which concluded its activities in Kuwait recently.

The conference, hosted by the Kuwait General Organization for Social Insurance for three days, was held for actuaries, statisticians and investment experts in the fields of social security.

The conference participants discussed how sustainability and adequacy of pensions, one of the most common forms of security at the global level, have contributed to the increasing focus on sustainable development goals in recent decades. They also reviewed efforts to develop covalent pensions and their role in poverty reduction, Allow for improved income levels, appropriate insurance against old age, disability and premature death, and stimulate national economic growth.

The conference also addressed the importance of actuarial studies in determining trends in the labor market, the effects of death and aging, and the inability of security institutions, and their impact on the desired social protection.

Participants discussed the role of investments in securing sustainable security, possible future trends in employment processes, how to design pension programs and the role of actuaries in overcoming their sustainability challenges, depending on countries' capacity to adequately finance covalent programs, taking into account their demographic, economic and social changes.


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