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The Government of Russia resigns after the proposals of Vladimir Putin


Russian earthquake. The Government headed by Dmitri Medvedev has submitted his resignation on block this Wednesday, moments after the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, delivered his annual address to the nation, in which he had announced a relevant battery of proposals for modify the Constitution and strengthen the role of the prime minister and that should be submitted to referendum once approved by Parliament.

Medvedev will remain in his post until the formation of a new Executive. Putin has proposed to the outgoing head of government to occupy the Vice Presidency of the Security Council, a consultative body on defense issues that brings together ministers of the branch and heads of intelligence agencies. "In this context, as members of the Government of the Russian Federation, we must give the president the possibility of taking all the necessary measures under these conditions," said the resigned prime minister after hearing the presidential intervention.

In fact, two amendments they stood out from among all the ideas formulated by the Russian president in his speech to the nation. First, he proposes return the power to Parliament to choose the Prime Minister, something that was in force during the times of the president Boris Yeltsin and that brought him then numerous clashes With the legislature. At present there is no such problem since the Parliament is covered by official forces or of the systemic opposition who do not question the master lines of presidential decisions. Vice-ministers and ministers must also receive the parliamentary position.

"This would increase the role and meaning of Parliament … of parliamentary parties, and of the independence and responsibility of the prime minister," Putin said during his speech.

Secondly, the president proposes to tighten the conditions that must be met by any applicant for the head of state, in particular to increase 10 to 25 years residence period in Russia, in addition to being required not to own any other nationality or residence permit in the Foreign.

Draft Changes

The changes are from draft and many observers take it for granted that they try to facilitate the current head of state the succession allowing him at the same time to maintain his influence intact in the affairs of State, given that the current Magna Carta, as it is written, would not allow him to present himself to the re-election in 2024. One of the options that is being considered is precisely that it becomes again Prime Minister, something he already did among the 2008 years Y 2012, after accumulating two consecutive terms. In those years, nobody doubted that the power had swung from the Kremlin, seat of the presidency, to the White House, where he has his office on Prime Minister. If the amendment materializes, the figure of the head of the Government would be constitutionally reinforced and fit as a ring to the finger in the aspirations that many attribute to the current president to keep his political weight untouched in the future of Russia.

The extension of the mandatory years of residence in Russia would make it difficult for charismatic leaders in exile with liberal ideas, such as the tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, resident in London, compete for the presidency of the country. As rated on twitter Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carneguie Center in Moscow and close to the Kremlin, Putin, "in his annual address to Parliament, he begins to reposition (reduce) presidential powers to end his presidency in 2024."

The leader of the Kremlin has remembered in passing the disputes that face the EU and the US, although this time he has avoided emphasizing them. He has limited himself to remembering that his country has "weapons that other states lack" to defend itself and has insisted that its country must remain sovereign, which in ordinary language means a support for the current foreign policy, implying that the current confrontation with the West will remain. In this sense, the leader of the Kremlin believes that the time has come to include in the Russian Constitution "changes that guarantee its preeminence" in the face of international treaties.

Precisely, within the scope of international relations, one of the issues that more restless in the Kremlin today are the movements that attribute to the USSR a comparable responsibility to that of the Nazi Germany, at the beginning of the second world war, particularly after the adoption of a resolution in this regard by the European Parliament that considers both regimes as "totalitarian". The president has announced the creation of a center for preserve memory of the role played by the Soviet Union in the contest.

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