Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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The head of the Wizz Air: it Is only a matter of time until when a big airline will disappear from the market in Romania


József Váradi, CEO of carrier Wizz Air, believes that the organization of employees in trade unions is not very effective, giving the example of the state company Tarom, and says that recourse is had to this form of organization when things are not going well in a company, writes

“Look at Tarom. Pilots can you feel happy there because I’m part of a union, but with all due respect, it is only a matter of time until Tarom will disappear from the market. Tarom is the national airline here and has a market share of just 15%, and Blue Air, Wizz Air are larger companies, and Ryanair is starting to become a company growing in Romania. With a union can win on the very short term, but lose long-term. But it is not a problem only in Romania, but also at the global level. We believe that the best method is to have an open dialogue between management and employees,” said József Váradi in a press conference in Bucharest. Wizz Air has become in 2011 the largest airline locally as the number of passengers carried, surpassing the then Tarom.

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