The hope Edo Maas (Sunweb) paraplegic after an accident – Cycling

On October 6, Edo Maas began the descent of the Madonna del Ghisallo, on the Piccolo Lombardia, the equivalent of the Tour of Lombardy for the hopes. But the 19-year-old Dutchman hit a car that had entered the race course. Led directly to the Milan Hospital, Maas underwent numerous surgeries to treat back fractures and facial injuries, all of which were successful.

" The fracture in his back resulted in paraplegia, a loss of nervous sensation in his legs Sunweb said in a statement Thursday. " To this day, it remains unlikely that the functionality of his legs will ever come back, but a fighting spirit and hope prevail. "

An accident at 70km / h

Sunweb has also called on the UCI to take action and give priority to rider safety. The car, driven by an individual, had cut the road to Maas and the French rider Édouard Bonnefoix, who had told the accident on Twitter.

" I was with him, we drove to join a group in the descent. A car arrived on the right side and crossed the road. I do not know how it was possible, I think the driver was coming out of the private road that led to his house and he did not see us. It was a terrible accident, about 70 km / h Explains Bonnefoix who was able, by a miracle, to avoid the vehicle, but not Maas.

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