The horrors of the spouse who wants a divorce gave! Blood-curdling words…

Yesterday in the morning hours Eagle‘also occurred. Allegedly 40 years old, mother of 2 children Derya Elbasan, Erol were followed by Elbasan his wife he wanted a divorce. Derya Elbasan, while walking on the path that uses to go to work every day, he saw his wife waiting for him. After the discussion between them, Erol Elbasan, the unfortunate woman began to manhandle. Derya began to walk with quick steps Elbasan spouse attracted to a secluded spot, he brought with him wanted to fire a gun. But the gun jammed when the spouse who wants a divorce from him with the butt of his gun to beat. Shipped to the scene on a report of citizens Derya Elbasan removed to the hospital by ambulance, was discharged after treatment. Elbasan police teams arrested by Erol and the transactions have been detained then were referred to court.



Derya Elbasan describing moments of sheer terror, “every morning at 08.30 a.m. of which I am one. I work for a private company. At 19.00 in the evening I’m home. I commute to my job every day using the same route. My home is 5 minutes from my work. As contracted when we decided to divorce my wife, we have Court on the 26th of this month. The park, I saw waiting for me in route to my house. Wanted to talk to me because I cut in front of me. For being late to work, and I have to catch up on my work because I have nothing to talk to him, I told him. Began to manhandle me. Secluded because it was a way to throw myself in the path of the van because I’m going faster. To me after that insult, threaten, and many things he told me. Ugly things he said to me. However, the 20-year himself was guilty of in our marriage. No responsibility, 1 month use 11 months without work if it is running any item in my home near my children see a situation where everyone knows people who use violence in a way that I had. Already convicted of murder. There is a file. To work around this, others violence, went to court a lot because he didn’t mean freedom to insult. But free from suspicion that they use a lot of files in there said.



Derya talk to Elbasan, “to me, ‘either you die or forgive me.’ in the form of got stuck behind a truck. He pulled the gun in his pocket then punched me. Then they made me kneel. And twice pulled the trigger. But the gun jammed. While playing with the gun while the bullet in the mouth I opened my eyes, why aren’t you firing like I had thought. Everything was so seconds. Overturned my head with the butt of the gun hit me in the face. Broke up my my face in the form of a pool of blood. After that, I must’ve passed out already. Then jumped me. He pulled a knife out of his pocket when he failed to repair the gun. A utility knife is trying to open the wrap. But I can’t move to sit on me. I tried to scream, my voice and that pain and that fear can’t handle a lot, but a utility knife he threw away, tried to scream. Opening gave up. When I threw the knife away, so I’m going to scream his fingers into his mouth. Already because of this my reports are clear, big and out of my mouth there was damage damaged. Because it is up to my neck. Couldn’t cry, jumped me with his hand closed. ‘Come on, save you, your life is in my hands. If I want to live I want to die did you see?’ he said.” he said.

Elbasan, Because “standing in trouble on the feet, I’m a woman who can look after their children. One who could do anything for the lack of that in my life, because he wants to be a parasite, and parasites to live for him, has beaten me many times, and deceived. No responsibility for not fulfilling because I want to leave I’m like this. I might die, but after death I don’t want to be precious. I have children. The children of today how the cloud can be happy, Emine, the girl may not be so happy. Serils what happens in the world, what difference Ayşe paşalı I have, what’s the difference between Özgecan Aslan? I’m a mom, have 2 children. When it’s all over,” he said.



Derya Elbasan, explained it this way to more of what they have experienced: “me, beat me later, semi-conscious from the transport position by dragging it in A Quiet Place, always in the van and I got out there, took me to a place where is the witness of the trades. He left me there I couldn’t raise my head already. Then the screaming started in the following way. ‘Help, my wife fell.’ he tried to get me into a car. Last gathering my strength amazing ‘No, she made me do it.’ I tried to say. A tradesman it in there and he said he heard, ” Wait, the lady says, he did,’ he says. ‘You did bro, how did you do that, what state jumped when she ran out. Then she took me in the trades, called the police, and called an ambulance. We went to the hospital”


Mother of 2 children, Woman, “the bureau within the eagle family were interested in me. Cemil Bey in the Public Security Bureau were interested in me. I am home before she gets grabbed him, led to his prosecution. Do I believe that the prosecutor also. Because this unfinished business to complete. Please do not give him this opportunity. I’m like this. No offense doesn’t deserve such a punishment already, but I haven’t done anything you can ask those closest to me. Thank God I don’t have no lack, Alhamdulillah I am a strong woman. Already its absence, destruction, gecinemeyis led him to such a thing behind my back. I’m not a parasite like him never more. I’m not slouching, and certainly by the end of this work I will leave. I am the plaintiff from him, in both worlds. And I believe my government will do what is necessary. Me and one of my kids is studying aeronautical engineering and the other 20% will be a test in high school. The highest average degree. I don’t need anyone. The mother of my children, my children, I need to stay in at the beginning,” he said.


Erol E., during the inquiry of her daughter which is in the phase of the divorce lives with his wife, while his wife argued because of her daughter’s boyfriend punched him to insult on his wife’s face was bleeding, he said. Erol E., expressed regret about the incident.

Yesterday waiting in front of Eagle House in the divorce is in the phase of Erol and his wife beat the crap detained on the grounds that D. E. E., of mutilation” have been arrested on charges.

E. Erol, on the police force in a query earlier in the morning near the House of residence of the spouse at 07.30 said he expects to get by going to the park.


The previous day, agreed to meet with his wife, therefore, who went in front of the house in the morning, Erol E., daughter’s boyfriend because he’s arguing with his wife, took a swing at his wife over the insult to himself, dripping on his wife’s face he said.

Upon this, his wife who he is speaking to the people around Erol E., people looking at me with hatred when they saw my wife I thought you wanted me to get lynched. From there take a taxi I went home. The cops came and they took me. I didn’t go there for the purpose of the use of violence. It uses it as leverage against me involving the topic of murder I previously. Shot himself in a moment of anger, I regret it,” he said.

Erol E., safety procedures, carrying out the investigation, Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s office and then today I was referred to.

The prosecution in the query time with his wife, due to divorce, they lived in separate houses, in the same house with her daughter’s husband was sitting with her daughter’s boyfriend arguing with his wife on the day of the event, and the insult to his wife of hitting him with a handbag on it by reflex as he shot his wife, his wife’s face was bleeding from falling to the ground, he said.


E. Erol, the prosecution then query the Mutilation” his arrest for the crime of demanding the duty magistrates were dispatched to hakimligi.

E. Erol, the court declared that the police inquiry and the prosecution in their statements by repeating awaiting trial he wanted.

The court, Errol E., “Mutilation” is arrested for the crime.


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