The House of Retired Police General in South Jakarta Forcibly Taken 9 Thugs

police line illustration. ©2021 – Police arrest the thuggery who occupied the ex-general’s family home police in the Kebagusan area, Jakarta South.

The perpetrators numbered 10 people. They occupied the house of Inspector General (ret) Bambang Daroenorijo for the past two months.

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“The victim’s child (Trisanti Rosdajani) reported to the officers because of the occupation of the family’s house since June 24, 2022 related to debts and debts,” said Kanit 5 Sub-Directorate of Resmob Polda Metro Jaya, AKP Dimitri Mahendra, quoted from the Police Public Relations website.

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Dimitri explained, there was a problem with the incident. Started in September 2019. Inspector General Purn Bambang’s son, AKBP Tetra Darmawiaran, asked his father to borrow Rp. 6.5 billion. With a number of agreements.

“While the father was still alive, both of them guaranteed the certificate of the house, and made a statement that they were willing to vacate the house and its contents completely to Rony Setiawan’s brother without the knowledge of his wife who is also the mother of Tetra’s brother,” he explained.

He explained that after his father died last January, finally Rony, who felt that his debt had not been paid by Tetra Darmawiaran’s family, ordered Joseph and 9 other people to come under the pretext of vacating the house.

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9 People Arrested

Dimitri added that Bambang Daroenorijo’s mother and wife were terrified because of the threat. Moreover, his wife did not know that the house certificate had been transferred to Rony’s name.

“Experiencing this incident, the family reported the incident to the Sub-Directorate of Resmob Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya for further handling of the case,” explained Dimitri.

Armed with a police report numbered: LP/B/3474/VII/2022/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA on (9/7) officers managed to approach and arrest the perpetrators without a fight. [rnd]

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