The island of Manhattan will expand and New York will no longer be as before

In the future, big cities are expected to have impressive changes, one of these is the manhattan island, which will be expanded to such an extent that New York will no longer be the same.

The idea is that through mega constructions the answer to the constant growth of the world’s population can be given.

The New Manhattan Project

It is the Mayor of New York himself, Eric Adams, who is in charge of dealing with the housing affordability crisis. In order to solve this crisis, he is seeking to expand the island of manhattan towards the port, the idea is to obtain about seven million square meters.

The idea is that this expansion can develop urban structures and housing, offices and other infrastructure.

New Manhattan It would be located between the East River and the Hudson River, and it also offers important protection against surges in electrical distributions.

The New Manhattan project wants to expand the city of New York

The idea is that this project will create space for approximately 250,000 inhabitants, since some 180,000 homes could be built.

This extension would use an area that is twice the size of Central Park and has been devised by Jason M. Barr, a professor at Rutgers University and an urban planning expert.

Jason believes that this new expansion of the island of manhattan It allows the city to grow vertically, since the more people, the more skyscrapers can be built to reduce housing crises.

This expansion will allow the limits and waterfront of lower Manhattan to be redefined, because it will not only add more land, but also raise those points where it is necessary.

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In addition, this will contain a kind of dam that will be designed to protect the island from the sea, the price of said project has not yet been announced, nor when work on it would begin.

This type of project is good news, since it is a sign that planning continues for the future in the urban planning improvements of large cities like New York.