The kickoff of Saint-Étienne – Angers delayed because of the sling of the Stéphanois supporters

Saint-Étienne, the red lantern of Ligue 1, was under pressure from his public even before the start of the match against Angers on Friday, while the Magic Fans are on strike. Incidents broke out during the pre-match protocol for the 11th day of Ligue 1, caused by the ultras groups of the Saint-Etienne club, and the kickoff of the match scheduled for 9:00 p.m. was delayed.

The match did not start on time due to damage caused to the goal nets as several ultras had entered the pitch and sent rockets and other smoke. During the warm-up, the kops had deployed banners stigmatizing the role they attribute to Claude Puel, the coach, the managers and the players, guilty according to them of the chaos in which their team finds itself.

The torn nets of the goal in front of the Magic Fans (DR)

The torn nets of the goal in front of the Magic Fans (DR)

“We have discussed enough, you make us crack”, could we read on banners before the stands cracked pyrotechnic devices in a noxious climate, while the police forces were deployed in front of the presidential platform and the benches of hit. “Puel resignation”, “resignation management” and “we want a team worthy of its audience” chanted the slogans of the kops. The deployment of security forces was necessary, in an atmosphere marked by an abundance of smoke on the lawn. Then, several holes were detected in the goal nets. The referee, Mr. Gautier, therefore sent the two teams back to the locker room while the repair was carried out.