The last Olympic round of the Blue Stadium


CITY OF MEXICO.- In the end, Cruz Azul was able to make his Olympic turn. He April 21, 2018 it will be registered as the day on which football was played for the last time at the Estadio Azul, the oldest sports center – still – of Mexico City, which will give place to a shopping center. A stadium that, more than its questionable functionality, keep the vestiges of another era , inaugurated in the postwar period, in a much less populated and less vertiginous city, in an area that has been gentrified and for which it was criticized for not having parking and being in the middle of an active residential and business area. So inside the city was that from the roofs of the buildings that surround them you could see the matches without paying a peso and whose surroundings one day were invaded by celestial fans and another by fans of the bulls, because it is next to Plaza Mexico, the largest of its kind in the world. A stage of endless stairs and narrow corridors, where you have to play the tightrope walker so that two people in the opposite direction can walk, but from which the view is perfect from any seat .


Maradona, Messi and the best footballers who stepped on the Blue Stadium

But the one 27 thousand souls dismissed between screams and tears , like someone who has been evicted from their home. If the stadium was not completely filled, it was because a large area destined for the fans of Morelia was left empty, barely occupied by a hundred of them. “I’m a cement dealer, here I have to mourn and scream Cruz Azul goals, it’s a moment of many mixed feelings and of course I’m sorry that this is going to turn into a shopping mall , that a stadium with so much flavor goes away “, explains Ramón Aranza, commentator of TDN from the box of transmission during Cruz Azul vs. Morelia. The same fate occurred a little more than a decade ago Social Security Park , the baseball house in Mexico City, where epic battles between the Red Devils and the Tigers, who shared the space, were lived. Today is a shopping center, located in one of the most central areas of the city, where the only memory of the “king of sports” consists of plates in the places where were the home and the bases of the court.

“Today we let all the celestial fans come, it’s a stadium where we’ve had good games and bad, I think they’re worse than good, but it’s a nice and comfortable stadium and it’s going to be strange,” says Enrique Aguilar, A celestial fan of the Azcapotzalco neighborhood, dressed in a poncho and a charro hat with the colors of the team. “There we were (at the Azteca) for many years and we felt like at home, now it’s not going to be different, but it’s going to be for a few years and then we’ll have our own house.” During your stay at the Azteca Stadium, 25 years old, they won five of the eight league titles that boast. The first two are from their original home, the Estadio 10 de Diciembre in Ciudad Cooperativa, Hidalgo, which still houses branch teams. But in the ‘Colossus of Santa Úrsula’ was where Cruz Azul became great . However, it seems that the Blue Stadium , formerly called Azulgrana -when it was the house of Atlantis- It was an unlucky place . After a year and a half of taking it and painting it with their colors, they won their eighth and until now last League title in a memorable Final against Leon that ended at the Camp Nou with an artful kick from Ángel David Comizzo to Carlos Hermosillo, but from from there, the era of the Blue brought Five Finals with defeat of the local tournament, one of Copa Libertadores -whose last three rounds were played in the Azteca- and two of Concacaf.

In return, the “showcase” of the Blue presumes a championship of Copa MX and Concacaf, in addition to that of the Winter 1997 .

Goodbye, Blue! Celestial fans dismissed the stadium in style

Oh, and the popularity of the verb ” cruze “, known as losing something improbably that already seemed won, in any area of ​​life, not only in football, the collection of unlikely defeats that The Machine had throughout these years and that saw its epitome in that before the America of the Clausura 2013, when they fell in penalties after taking advantage of two goals to minute 88 of the return party. ” Cruzazulear “It is so strong that it has not yet been accepted by the RAE. ” The people of Cruz Azul expect the triumphs of the seventies back , from Miguel Marín, (Carlos) Jara Saguier, Rodolfo Montoya, Fernando Bustos, ‘Centavo’ Muciño. I do not know if it will be the same, but the people of Cruz Azul are hopeful that the triumphs will come again, not only is the stadium, we have to work a lot on the board and that the players feel the shirt more, “explains Ramón Aranza.

The titles of the Winter 1997, of the Copa MX of the Clausura 2013 and of Concacaf of 2013-2014 were won in a foreign playground. This afternoon Cruz Azul gave his only Olympic round in Azul to fire him. With the announcement of the local sound of three minutes of added time, the screams, the chants, the intensity of the white handkerchiefs that started from 80 ‘ and irremediably contagious tears from the fans began to fall. Many of them do not know the Aztec Blue Cross or the titles.


Thanks for everything! Cruz Azul fired his stadium with triumph over Monarcas

Many of them, to see an Olympic return of their team, had to travel to León, Cancún or Toluca and hope that further south of their own city, in the Azteca, the spirit of Mexico’s largest city will return. decade of 70’s. This afternoon, with a victory over Morelia 2-0, without the slightest hint of a “cross-bred”, they knew the victory and they cried to a stadium that does not deserve to die.


Goodbye to the Blue Stadium II: football, alpha and omega


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