Entertainment The letter that culture sends to the minister

The letter that culture sends to the minister


Of all the senses that a minister has, the fundamental is the ear, to listen to the whole world for what it is, for what it wants and wants and for how it manifests it, and to enter into that fruitful dialogue that is what makes the work goes well, ”advised yesterday Minister of Culture and Sports outgoing, Jose Guirao, during the transfer of portfolio to the successor in the area, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, who expressed the desire to "provide a complementary vision: that of values ​​and ethics." At the request of The vanguard , representatives of different sectors and institutions send to the new minister the issues they consider urgent or priority.


The music industry, one of the engines of society

The promoter Tito Ramoneda is generalist in his demand: "One of the top priorities is that the live music industry is recognized as one of the engines of society, not only economic but at all levels." For Carmen Zapata, manager of the Association of Concert Halls of Catalonia, “the subject of the Statute of the Artist must be solved. Now there is a lot of insecurity for the people they hire, especially promoters and rooms, and a lot of job insecurity among the artists. ” For his part, Antonio Guisasola, president of Promusicae (Music Producers of Spain), summarizes the situation in two issues: “Close the pending reform of the Intellectual Property law and that legal problems with management entities are fixed and of rights. In other words: there is a clearer defense of intellectual property rights in terms of piracy and in terms of those rights by management entities. ”

Classical and opera

Money, bicapitality and plan for philharmonic societies

The director of the Auditori, Robert Brufau, asks the minister to "fight so that his budget is dignified, right now he does not live up to the country's cultural wealth." “At the city level,” he adds, “I would ask you to embrace the bicapitality of Barcelona and make use of that reality to justify a greater involvement in the cultural life of the Catalan capital. And at the Auditori level I would ask you to join the project and understand the size and uniqueness of the equipment, without comparable institutions at the Spanish level. I see it as an obligation and at the same time as an opportunity: that our international projection also feel yours ”. The director of the Palau de la Música, Joan Oller, asks "a law that prevents the resale of tickets online and greater support from the ministry to the Palau, which before the crisis was more than double." It also urges you to promote cross-cutting programs between culture and education and between culture and social projects. For Víctor Medem, director of Barcelona Overture, “in classical music I would ask for a strategic plan to reinforce and secure the philharmonic societies and centenary musical associations that exist in Spain that have a faithful and articulated network of audiences and very interesting programming and now they don't have any support and in the long run they will suffer a lot. Some already suffer. ”


Overcome paralysis, reduce precariousness, more incentives

Mariano Barroso, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, believes that "we have become too accustomed to political paralysis" and urges "expedite decision-making on pending projects" and "establish serious and stable channels of interlocution between the Government and the sector to move forward. ” The issues are numerous. Film aid is scarce compared to what the industry contributes in taxes. And as for distribution, the indentation in the number of commercial rooms continues. Labor precariousness is enormous: according to the Aisge rights management entity, only 8% of the actors arrive at the end of the month with their interpretations. For producer Enrique López Lavigne, the industry's take-off goes through “an ambitious tax incentive law like the one just approved in France”. Barroso also lacks "measures for the international promotion of our cinema" in order to sell more and better the success that Spanish films have in large and small festivals around the world.


Adjust the contributions to the importance of the institution

For the director of the MNAC, Pepe Serra, one of the first issues that the new minister should incorporate into his agenda is the elaboration of a patronage law that facilitates the arrival of new sources of financing, although, he thinks, the starting point everything should be the increase in the culture budgets that "currently have very little weight and move us away from European standards". As for the MNAC, Serra believes that the ministry's contributions should be adjusted to the importance of the institution (2.18 million euros compared to the 41 that goes to Reina Sofía) and “definitively solve the disproportion between the presence of the State in the museum and its contribution ”. The director of Macba, Ferran Barenblit, points out that his first request is that “work to remember that culture is a right of citizenship and to increase its relevance in society as a whole with support measures of all kinds, including legislative ones " As for the museum itself, they expect “their support in the implementation of our 2022 strategy, including their participation in the construction of the extension”. For the Prado, the ministry has before it the commitment to re-include in the budgets the items destined to cover the restoration of the Kingdom Hall and thus face once again the new extension of the museum.


A large library for Barcelona and encourage reading

Patrici Tixis, president of Gremi d'Editors de Catalunya, asks the new minister for six things. The first, "the recognition of Barcelona as a literary city", which in his opinion implies "uncorking the large library project in Barcelona" through "a major public work that could also be a research and dissemination center for the book in a city with 500 years of editorial history, leader of the edition in Spain and Latin America and literary city of Unesco. It is a project that requires involving the Generalitat and the City Council ”. He also believes it is necessary “a state pact for books and reading” to implement “long-term measures: that the new minister endorsed the phrase of Pepe Guirao that said 'Spain is a great editorial power and we should also convert it in a reading power '”. The third measure would be "support for libraries as cultural agents", accompanied by "encouraging the pleasure of reading from schools and encouraging families to go to bookstores with campaigns." On the libraries, the publishers demand “resources so that they can renew and catch up on the titles”. Finally, he requests “commitment in the fight against piracy. The book has been the only cultural sector in which it is still growing and more resources would have to be put in from the commission of intellectual property to reverse this trend. ”


Cultural bicapitality and unite culture and education

Isabel Vidal, president of Adetca, the Catalan theater patron, asks the minister “especially the cultural bicapitality and a more strategic look at certain cultural projects of Catalu-nya and important public facilities where they can intervene economically in a more incisive way”. Vidal believes that the ministry "must have Catalonia more in mind for strategic markets and festivals: Catalonia is a cultural engine and must be taken into account." The director of the High Season festival, Salvador Sunyer, asks Rodríguez Uribes “to finally consider culture as the fourth leg of the welfare state, in addition to education, health and pensions, and at once make culture and culture work together education and training, and not as completely separate fields. That is achieved with a very simple thing that are budgets. ” The director of the Teatre Lliure, Juan Carlos Martel, also asks that "get the arts to be introduced in education, but in a curricular way, as a compulsory subject". Then, he adds, “the Culture budget of a country like the one we live in is not up to other European countries. And a statewide network of public theaters should be created to allow tours, co-productions and assistance in international tours. And absolute priority to the law of Patronage. ” Toni Carares, director of the Beckett room, believes that “Culture is one of the ministries where one could begin to assume and make more visible that Spain is not only a plurinational, plurilingualist, pluricultural state, but also its very status It is nothing more than a mere political-administrative formula. It is necessary to de-evangelize and demercantilize the institutional culture to recover the value, the sense and the utility of the public administration as a tool of cultural development ”.

Legal improvements

Dealing with the SGAE and developing the Statute of the Artist

Beyond the patronage law, the new minister has a mountain of legislative duties. Regarding intellectual property, Uribes must decide immediately if it maintains the plan to intervene in the SGAE, an organization that must modify its statutes to adapt to European law and distribute the rights equally. Pedro Sánchez promised in the investiture to create a Copyright Office that would help straighten out the SGAE. Those responsible for the Adepi management entity also insist on the need to “transpose the directive on copyright in the digital single market”, as well as “the royal decree that should review the rates of compensation for private copying”. And new commitments are expected to strengthen the fight against piracy, a matter in which the director of the Creator Coalition, Carlota Navarrete, highlights the "very favorable position" of Uribes as a government delegate. The entire sector also expects that the never-established Statute of the Artist will finally be developed: first of all, complete the pension and copyright compatibility decree, and approve measures that stop the precariousness and lack of job security in the culture.


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