The London Underground inaugurates the first line in this century with the name of Queen Elizabeth

EFE.- The archaic London subwaywhich happens to be the oldest in the world, is about to enter modernity thanks to a new line that, with the name of the Queen IsabelIt will be the first to be inaugurated in this century.

On May 24, the elizabethan linein charge of quickly uniting the west and east of the British capital, after a titanic project whose gestation dates back more than two decades.

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The new infrastructure, which will inject some 49 billion euros into the country’s economy, has had great international participation.

The tunnels pass under the concert hall of the cultural center Barbican which, as a condition, required that the trenes do not cause any noise or any vibration.

With the reina in a delicate state of health and the country about to celebrate 70 years of its reign in it Platinum Jubilee next June, the call Elizabeth Line he arrives just in time to pay tribute to the monarch.

this new rutacharacterized by the purple color, should have been inaugurated in December, but a few months before the project executives warned that it was not ready.

The costs skyrocketed: from the 17.3 billion euros budgeted, they went to 22 billion pounds.

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Although before Covid it was estimated that some 250 million people would use the Elizabeth annually, now the estimates are between 170 and 200 million in the 2026 horizon.

This does not prevent those responsible from speaking of a “turning point” for the british capital. The line links the two great financial centers of London, the City y Canary Wharfdirectly with the airport Heathrow and with other key nodes such as the stations of Paddington, Farringdon o Liverpool Street.

Majestic metro stations

The elizabeth line – which is not even part of the London Underground, since it combines underground travel with commuter train functions – will serve 41 seasons from the western outskirts of London a la oriental.

But the most striking thing, for those who know the British capital’s metro, is the difference between its majestic stations and spacious and silent trains with the rest of the underground network.

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As EFE was able to verify during a visit to a small group of international media, the new terminals of the elizabethan line They stand out for their dimensions and their functionality. The very width of the tracks distinguishes its trenes of those who walk the metro from the city.

In the basement of a city with as much history as London, there have been unexpected findings that forced to stop the work. Like the many bombs in the World War II unexploded that had to be deactivated. Or the Roman mosaics of old London. Or the fang of a mammoth.

Although one of the most shocking discoveries, together with the station of Liverpool Streetwas that of thousands of remains of deceased during the Middle Agesmany of them for the black fish.

Those remains were buried in the Canvey’s Islandin the Thames Estuary, in 2016. Not far from there, to the wallasea island went to stop the millions of tons of earth removed in the construction of the linewhich now serve as a home for a reserva natural bird’s.