Thursday, April 25, 2019
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The March for Climate arrives this Saturday in Barcelona

This Saturday at noon Barcelona will be the scene of a mobilization to demand measures for political representatives to help curb climate change. The Climate Justice Movement has convened the so-called Climate March for tomorrow at 12 noon at the Arc de Triomphe to alert the climatic emergency in which the planet is.

This movement has issued a document with 94 measures to curb the "climate crisis in the metropolitan area." In a statement, the group proposes solutions in areas such as mobility (such as establishing a "pollution toll"), energy and food sovereignty, biodiversity, water, or mass tourism. This group plans to send these measures to the C40 meeting that will take place in Barcelona on November 14 and will bring together several European cities.

In addition, they also establish measures in relation to waste, such as "prevention, reuse" of waste or improve the selective collection of the organic and vegetable fraction in all municipalities. This group considers that the climate crisis is "a crucial problem for cities that already accommodate more than half of the human population." In this sense, they warn that "despite occupying less than 2% of the Earth's surface, cities consume 78% of energy and account for 60% of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases."


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