from the reunion island, Guy Lefèvre was born in Fianarantsao (Madagascar) in November 1933. He enters the active life at the age of sixteen years, at the death of his father. After having held many different jobs, he joined the workshop of stained glass from the Benedictine monks of Antananarivo, as a typesetter. In fact, he practises the drawing, painting and sculpture since his childhood, and in this way self-taught.

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The monks had the know-how of the stained glass, but not ” designer “. It is within this workshop, Guy Lefèvre learned the technique of stained glass, from the artwork to the cardboard up to the realization.

He bought the workshop of the monks when they decide to close it. The production continues in Madagascar, with the help of the workers.

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When he became aware that most of its commands are destined to the Island of Reunion, he decides to go and settle there. Happened in 1967, he set up his new workshop at Saint-Denis. It continues in spite of any form, including in Paris and in Chartres, france, in the workshops dependent of the cathedrals.

” I consider my seminal work is one that I have not yet been realized. “ Guy Lefèvre, April 26, 2013.

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You can also visit the island of Mauritius, some of his major works : the church of Saint Jean and Sainte-Croix, as well as the funerary monument of Father Laval.

Guy Lefèvre passed away at the age of 84 years.

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