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Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who recovered from COVID-19, is inclined to such a scenario, but the final decision will be made after meeting with the coronavirus headquarters under the government, writes The Telegraph

Boris Johnson

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week may announce the mitigation of quarantine measures that have been taken in the country amid the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. About this writes The Telegraph with reference to sources close to Johnson.

According to them, the head of government can accelerate the weakening of quarantine measures, which are calculated until May 7. “May 7th is the day when the government is obliged by law to review quarantine measures, but if Boris wants to change the restrictions earlier than this deadline or at least report something, he can do it earlier,” said one of the interlocutors. .

Britain will begin testing a vaccine against coronavirus

According to the newspaper, on Monday, April 27, Johnson will hold the first meeting after recovery with his headquarters to fight against coronavirus. The prime minister is inclined to the option with the abolition of some restrictions ahead of time, but the final decision will be made after a meeting with specialists, the publication says.

Initially, the introduction of quarantine in the UK in connection with the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 was announced on March 23. Residents were forbidden to gather on the street for more than two, and all non-food stores, libraries, religious institutions, playgrounds and gyms were closed. At the same time, residents were ordered not to leave their homes, with the exception of individual cases.



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