The MMGyD carried out a training on community CSE for territorial gender promoters from Avellaneda

During the meeting “Community sexual education with a gender perspective in diversity”, the participants were divided into groups in which they analyzed and reflected on the images that were assigned to them. Thus, in the debate different topics were addressed such as contraception; the capacity, the desire (or not) and the social conditions in relation to motherhood; and the upbringing of children from a gender perspective, to encourage the development of childhoods free of discrimination and gender violence.

In this way, both the national and local governments ratified their commitment to comply with Law 26,150/06 on Comprehensive Sex Education from the first educational level. Likewise, the role of teachers and educational settings as guarantors of childhood care was discussed. In this framework, the central points of the “Care in Equality” bill, promoted by the MMGyD, were mentioned.

Through the Menstrual Management and Community Sex Education Line, the MMGyD made the political decision to strengthen local governments, social organizations and the educational community, with the purpose of making gender stereotypes and historical and social problems of prejudice visible. and stigmas that reproduce structural inequalities.

On behalf of the MMGyD, the national director of Coordination of Comprehensive Equality Policies, Marcela Cortiellas; and the person in charge of the Menstrual Management line, Irina Perl. Meanwhile, for the Municipality of Avellaneda were the Secretary for Women, Gender and Diversity, Natalia Arlandi; and the Secretary of Education, María Laura De Vicenti.