The mother of the first in the literary division: “I felt that our Lord would force our minds.”

The student’s mother pointed out that she has 4 sons, Zainab, the third daughter among them, and everyone was waiting for this joy

The mother pointed out that she did not feel any suffering with Zainab at the high school stage, because she always kept her study times and did not need any instructions.

The first student on the literary section said that she learned of her result from the press conference of the Minister of Education and did not understand this joy, even though she knew that God would crown the efforts of these years with success.

She indicated that since her childhood, she has participated in many cultural competitions inside and outside Egypt

Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, approved the results of the Egyptian high school for the academic year 2021-2022.

The Minister of Education and Technical Education confirmed that the success rate in high school this year is 75.04%.

Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, also announced that the result of the general secondary school 2022 will be available on the Seventh Day website, starting today, Saturday, at twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

How to get the result of high school 2022 from the “seventh day”

The “Seventh Day” obtained the right to announce the result of the high school diploma 2022, as the seventh day provides high school students with steps to query the results of the exams, as follows:

Entering the Seventh Day website with the seat number.. Click here.

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The student enters his seat number, and the details of the result will appear.

– The result appears, including the grades of each subject.

The status of the student passing, failing, or entering the second round exams.

The total obtained is shown to the student in degrees, not as a percentage.

– The grand total of high school students’ grades is 410.