The Netherlands is suddenly introducing stricter rules: what is going on and can you go there for another weekend? | Abroad | News

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ANP Prime Minister Mark Rutte yesterday went by bicycle to the corona meeting in The Hague. Tonight a press conference will follow at which Rutte will explain the new measures.

The Netherlands is introducing stricter corona measures in response to the increasing numbers of infections and hospital admissions. What is going on? Can you still go there? And what should you do if you have been in our neighboring country?

In recent months, the Netherlands has tried to save the cabbage and the goat: to keep the health crisis under control as much as possible without harming the economy too badly. This resulted in measures that were less strict than in our country: mouth masks are only mandatory on public transport, fewer restrictions for the catering industry and shops. The Netherlands mainly emphasized the ‘one-and-a-half meter rule’. But now the Dutch also seem to back down. The virus is advancing and that forces Prime Minister Rutte to intervene.

What measures will be taken?

The new measures, which should prevent a new lockdown, will apply from 6 pm tomorrow until October 20.

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